Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#324; Bellabox May - Get Active!

Here is an example of how much of a procrastinator I am.
I just got my June's Edition of the Bellabox and am only, now blogging about the May's edition. But I have so much work on hand that having the Bellabox slipped my mind. :/

I digress.

For every Bellabox, there is a theme and your goodies are beauty items that fit into it! The Month of May's theme was Get Active! And boy, were there many lovely items to kick start your lazy ass into working out and keeping fit.

May's Bellabox came in a nondescript brown box, hand delivered to my doorstep by courier service and when I opened the box, inside lay two retail sized product and their signature blue and white polka dotted treasure chest.

First up is this deodorant from Triple Dry to keep you smelling good throughout the day, even after you've conquered the gym. I loveee this so much and will definitely repurchase this because it is thaaat good.
This deodorant is an antiperspirant and its unique feature is that you don't have to touch up for.. 48hours! Putting it to the test was a little scary but I decided to do some house cleaning for two days straight and didn't put any deodorant on. And I am proud to say that this works!

Save money. Hurhur.

Next up is this hair cream that is anti-dandruff and moisturizes your hair even in this dry hot weather!
It really restore the shine in my locks and I find that my curls are more defined with this product.
*thumbs up*

Moving into the items that are packed neatly into their standard polka boxes :D
Six samples greeted me when I opened up the pink wrapping paper~

First up is this tiny bottle of Asience Leave-on treatment milk to make your tresses happy and nourished! As is the hugeee bottle of hair cream isn't enough ;)
This is small enough to slip into your purse or even your makeup bag for application! Great to slip into your gym bag too~

Then the famous Dr. Jart + Bring Back Bounce BB cream that has a cutesy sponge applicator :o
Have yet to try this out but I am intrigued and will do a tiny Insta review or maybe a short update up on this space when I do get around to trying it out!

To keep yourself active and well, you will also need supplements! And here are the activa Well-being Acerola Vitamin C tablets! Vitamin C is really good for improving your immune system and prevent you from illnesses or speed up recovery from a slight flu!

Not the kinda girl to have flushed cheeks and pretty tinted lips after a workout? Cheat with The Balm "How 'Bout Them Apples?" cheek and lip cream! I got the shade in Pie and this is such a cutie sized sample! Again, it is easy to slip into your gym bag or even the tiniest purse you have :o Heck, it could even fit into my wallet.

Plus, you get a manly beast to guard your apple when you open the tiny palette that looks like a tiny book ;)

Got a zit or blackhead? 
Try the Benzac AC that promises to clear pimples and blackheads without drying skin. 
Gonna give this to my sister who has breakouts often! Hopefully this will work for her!


Last item in my May's Bellabox is the Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter which I absolutely adoreeee!

Unlike normal body butter or even lotions, this is greeeen! :o Not like white and scented. 
But green and smells like Pistachio Sundae. Even though I never really had a sundae that tasted like it. :/
I really love the scent and the texture! How it isn't too greasy and sticky after application and how I smell like a good serving of dessert!

That's all for the May's edition of the Bellabox!
You can subscribe to your monthly service of Bellabox here!

Please bear with me cause there will be another Bellabox update posted here in the next few days (June's edition)! So much to update so I might be posting everyday for this week :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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