Wednesday, 25 June 2014

#325; Funky Monotone

Whoever said monotonous colors like black and white cannot be funky, obviously haven't come across prints on my nails! ;)

Beautifying my nails are a breeze with these marvelous invention! Thank you to the inventor of these perfect nail solution! Sephora are selling nail foils/stickers for a really expensive price. So for the "pocket-friendly" bargain hunters, head down to scape and get these for 5 for $5! That's $1 for 1. Hurhur!

I chose these three patterns from the huge variety of designs that they have. And I decided to use these three to mix and match on my nails! Maybe it's the crazy warm weather but I have been changing nail patterns almost every week and my nails are really yellow and chip. Using these nail stickers are easy and doesn't cause much damage on your natural nails as they are easily removable and will not leave any sticky residue. *Amanda approves*

A close up of all them designs! :D

What you will need is the designs of your choice and a nail file to file off the excess :>

To apply these, simply choose a nail stik of your choice and peel off the transparency covering the stickers. Then gently adhere the sticker onto your nail bed and you will be left with an awkward amount of excess nail sticker. 
Take the file and file it away and you are done! :D
It really is simple, although adhering the nail sticker might be a little tricky at first as there are pockets of air bubbles :/ Sort of like a screen protector.

I like to go from the side of my nail.

Mix and match will get you these! :D 
They are so funky and yet made up of neutral shades, I am loving these nails! 
Top it off with a clear top coat and you're ready to go! I finished both sides in a record time of under an hour when this set of nails could cost you craycray amount in a nail salon plus endless of precious time sitting around, waiting for the manicurist to be finished with the design! 

I hope you love my nails cause I sure love them ;)

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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