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#327; Bellabox June - Hall of Fame

It's pretty late now but I thought I just did a fast blog post before I head to bed!
Today's post is on the June's Bellabox! This month's edition is "Hall of Fame" and there are supposedly a lot of goodies packed inside the blue and white polka dotted box that will make you runway ready ;)

What better way to start the month of June looking like a supermodel? 
I have been behind on so many unboxing/updates on loots and can foresee myself neglecting this space even more when school officially starts this week! 
P.S; Necklace from Moonlight Circus!

On top of the box is a card with a really apt picture for this month's theme and the back of the card has a list of product details as well as pricing of the item. I don't know if you do this but I love to compare how much of a good deal I am getting.. Just so I can feel reassured that I am getting more than I paid for.. :/
Do you guys do this too?

The wrapping paper surrounding my goodies was a rich purple and has the cutest star tape on top!
I just love it when boxes make everything customized to fit the theme of the month!

This is what I have received in the box and I am pretty please with everything I've got!

First up is the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted lip treatment sunscreen in SPF 15. 
This is a sample sized but I swear ever since I get the Bellabox, I have been trying new tinted lipbalm almost every month! Much love because my lips are forever dry. 

Also, I am loving the sturdy packaging!

Next up is the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control and I got the shade in Natural Beige! :)
Also gotten the 6-in-1 BB Cushion! Have yet to try both out because I am a little anal about not finishing up samples that I have opened up :/

Maybe it's the issue with hygiene? Like where do you store unfinished thing that comes in a sachet?!
 *tears hair in frustration*

Gotten this set of three Belif item in my June's box! Belif is a fairly popular brand in my opinion, so I am pretty glad to get them.
From left to right, we have the Peat miracle revital eye cream that supposedly keeps the wrinkles out of your sight ;) *pun*, the Peat miracle revital serum concentrate and the Peat miracle revital cream!

Ever since I hit the big 2-0, I am pretty concerned that I will wake up one day and find a wrinkle.. 

Next up is the LA Fresh Eco Wipe to remove waterproof make up. It is supposedly biodegradable so very environmental friendly. Me like. 

However, pretty disappointed that I only got ONE in my box.. I was looking forward to at least two? So I know if it's worth buying

My love in this box would be this!
The Appelles Rosemary Body Bar because it smells so so so good and it is organic :D
It kinda smells like a mixture of lemongrass and herbs. Very refreshing scent plus it is retail size ;)

What I gotten in my box is the Benefit they're real! Sample mascara but there was a card inside to tell me to redeem a free sample of their latest they're Real! Push up liner and remover so I ended up with three new Benefit deluxe sample sizes to test out!
Bump out the soap, this is my fav in the box!

I actually have this sample sized one from a haul a while back, which reminds me that I need to do a makeup review reallll soon.
And since I have another, I will give this to my sister who recently dabbled in the amazing world of makeup. Much proud.

I love this so much and that's why I have myself, a retail sized tube of their they're real mascara! Of course I tote around the sample sized one so that I can touch up on the go, but totally unnecessary because it stays on all day and really lengthen, and hold my curls

Next up is the Benefit they're real! push up liner which is their latest gel liner pen. Have yet to open this but the girl at their benefit counter told me to use the remover that comes along because this is supposedly supeerrr waterproof! 
We shall see! :D

Last but not least is the remover that they give which is to remove the most stubborn of waterproof eye makeup! Have stubborn mascara even after using oil-based removers? Why not try this?

I have yet to put this to the test but I shall make a blog post reviewing this two special samples! I can't wait!

This month's box is a mixture of ups and downs. I love the deluxe samples and there are some brands that I really love from here but the small samples and sachets broke my heart.. WHY U NO GIVE ME CONTAINERS?!

You can subscribe to next month's July box at and wait for it to be hand delivered to your doorstep for only $19.90! :D
No delivery charges! I shall continue my subscription because it is pretty exciting to get new samples and try out new items and I really do fall in love with some of the samples I gotten throughout my 3 months with Bellabox.

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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