Monday, 30 June 2014

#328; Fund my Pockets!

Hello! :D
I have too much wants and too little pocket money to cover all my wants. Therefore, I am doing a tiny blog sales of sorts on this space!
Also, I need new clothes since University has started.

First up,

Accessories grab bags!

I have a whole treasure trove of accessories that I have worn once for advertorial purposes and am now seeking to sell them off in bundles!
Thus, you can quote your own price starting from $4-$15 and I will pack them accessories neatly! Earrings will be sanitized (bought a bottle of alcohol rubs for this) before being mailed out to you! :D

Tell me your style and I will try to go with it? :>

Email: with the following details to order
Hp Number:
Grab Bag Price: $4, $5, $6....

Also, since I bought a polaroid printer, I decided to take in some customization to recoup my losses :D

To customize your polaroid, which is printed on realll polaroid films, simply email the following details:
Hp Number:
No. of Photos to be printed:
Postage method: Normal (+$0.50)/ Registered (+ $2.50)

Remember to attach your photos! :D Please select high quality photos so the image is clear and sharp!
You can print photos for your room or for any purposes :> Or even print out your fav stars!
Each polaroid cost $1.20! And if you print more than 10, it will be $1.10 each! :D

Email details to:

Do support okehh <3

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