Monday, 14 July 2014

#331; Pop-ple Purple! x BornPrettyStore

I am starting the new school week with a new set of nail art designs c/o of BornPrettyStore!
The summer heat is killing me and I am glad that I have a few hours of free time to do what I like to do best! Nail art :D

Starting with fresh clean bare nails! It has been so long since my nails are this clean.

And here is the superbly pretty water nail art decals that I picked out from their wide range of designs! BornPrettyStore really has a lot of pretty nail art designs and sometimes I feel like purchasing every single thing... I am so weak. 

These water nail art decals are like temporary tattoo for your nails and they are of crazy good quality! They last for weeks without chipping or even fading. And I sure had some bad experiences with nail art decals so I am pleasantly surprised that these are so good!

Chosen a very pretty shade of lilac because I have been too obsessed over pink shades so I thought I had a change of color! You can say I decided to have a Pop of Pop-ple purple on my nails ;) #geddit #poorpuns Ah I digress. Nail color is from Collistar and gotten it as a free sample from Sample Store. They are supposed to give the gel nail effect and advertised as no chipping, but we shall see!

A closer look at the nail art. They are leopard printed and zebra stripes with silver glitters!
Super pretty and summerish! 
I love how these are transparent so you can place them on light colors and they will just blend in so seamlessly!

As with all water nail art decals, you have to peel off the transparent backing before putting it into a tiny bowl of water. Just like how a temporary tattoo!

You can read about how these works in my previous post for BornPrettyStore
But just in case, I attached a nail art mini clip at the end of this blog post! :D

Simply pick them up after they are lifted from their backing and place them on your nails and you are done!

Here are my finished nails! 
They look so picture perfect! I did the middle two with a splash of confetti pink and shiny hearts nail polish I had. 
I love how effortless and how affordable these nail art decals are.

Song used: Tei Shi - Nevermind the end (Saint Pepsi Remix)

Can you imagine sitting around waiting for your manicure to dry while you could be doing other things?! With these fuss free nail art decals from BornPrettyStore, you need only layer on some nail polish and have fun pasting the water nail art decals on! Probably my favorite thing to do as it is so fun. Honest!

If you love my nail art design, you can get them from BornPrettyStore for only USD$1.49 at this link! They provide free international shipping PLUS use my code CTB10 to get 10% off your order! :D
Have fun shopping for your summery nail essentials and stay pretty!

Amanda Misaki Sea


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