Monday, 21 July 2014

#332; WCWT - Jeliquor Cake in a Jar!

Another new chapter of WCWT!
This time round, I gotten a Groupon voucher for Jeliquor Cake in a Jar!
I have heard of Jeliquor prior to this, and they are famous for their rainbow shots but they also sell the ever famous cake in a jar :o

To get to Jeliquor, the nearest MRT station would be Bugis so we stopped there and walked over to where it was located. It took us a pretty long time and we made a few snack stops along the way to stock up on Kitkats and cookies :x

It was actually located near Albert Court Village Hotel in one of those quaint little shop houses. I love how rustic and vintage this place is and it was really serene for a weekend. Although it was quite hard to find. But then again, that is what makes it more special!

Handed over my Groupon voucher in exchange for these six jars of pretty little cakes! :D

There are nine different flavors available and I will leave the link of the Groupon voucher down below! So do read on~ 
These are cheesecake and they look so cute! Although they are pretty small in size, but tiny stuff are always cute. 

The cheesecake that we gotten are distinguished from the wrapping paper on top! This cute little pastel yellow lovebird on a hot pink background is the Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake! I love the color on this!
Only got one of this to share with Chubby Cheeks and we felt that the jelly wasn't soft enough to eat with the cheesecake base. The jelly kept getting separated from the cheese base ;<

This is the Caramel Cheesecake! By far the nicest one among the flavors that I have gotten! 
So nice! I got two of this and gave one to Chubby for him to dabao home. 

This is the mango cheesecake! :D Love this too but I find that the flavor is a tad light. Which is actually pretty okay because it complemented the cheese base perfectly! Again, I dabao-ed one and gave another to Chubby!

And last but not least is the Matcha jelly cheesecake! This is really very light but really enjoyable cause you know you won't be that fat from all the sugar (as if.. there is the cheese).
This had the same problem as the Strawberry Jelly :/

All in all the Jeliquor Cake in a jar was pretty tasty and have a good texture! The price is a little expensive if you were to head directly without buying a voucher and there are limited stocks available per day. So it is best if you can get the voucher from here!

A tip though, remember to read the fine print before you commit to purchasing because I thought I could choose the alcoholic flavors and it turns out I couldn't... Unless you bought the 9 jar cake options... So I did feel a little cheated. 

All in all, I would rate this a 3.5/5!

One last picture of us before we continue to binge on our cake :>
That's all for now! 

Amanda Misaki Sea


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