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#333; Get Naked!

I think I had the Naked 3 Palette for the longest time yet and haven't done a swatch. I have been delaying and delaying before finally being able to put this up and I know that I may not be the first review, but here is my "Asian" take on it!

This palette was a Valentine/Anniversary gift from Chubby Cheeks to me and I had my eyes set on this palette ever since it was announced that it would be launched. Prior to this, my experience with the Urban Decay product was a happy one. Did I mention that their primer and their Naked 1 Palette is so gorg and gets so much love from me? No? I digress.

Compared to the Naked 1 shades, swatches are up here, these are more of a light neutral day look. 
Think natural.
In fact, "Naked" would really be the best word to describe this palette when I first laid my hands and tested it out.

The Naked 3 Palette comes with its very own double ended brush. A fluffy brush that picks up a very generous amount of shadow and a flat brush that picks up just enough for you to create an accent. Very stylish! 

The brush are of a very very good material and I love how well they work. You know how you buy palettes and they give you all this suckish brushes which you promptly lose/throw away? Well, you will never want to throw this away because it is that good. The first time I tried the brush, I was so reluctant as I would dirty it.. 

There are twelve shades in Naked 3 Palette as with all the other Naked series and here are the first six shades. I would describe them as very very light and neutral shades for everyday wear and you can look below for the swatches on my arm. 

I have labelled them for convenience sake.
 As you can see, as the palette progresses from left to right, the shades get progressively darker and more pigmented. The ones above are swatches above primer and the ones below are swatches without primer. For the swatches above, I used just one brush to get the color so it is build-able. 
While for the swatches below, I used two brush strokes to get the color to show up.

Strange is a good highlighting shade while dust and burnout has the most glitter in it (read glitter fallout everywhere!).
Limit can barely be seen while buzz and trick is pigmented and leans towards brown. 

What surprises me most is Trick. It looks really golden-ish in its pan and I am pleasantly surprise that it is a regal brown tone with a slight hint of gold! Very good for use everyday!

The second half of the available shades!
A darker and more "night" time shade!

The second half of the palette is very pigmented. Like the swatches for the first six, the ones above are above a primer while the ones below are without primer. 
Nooner is a really matte brown that is not too much of a surprise. Liar and Factory has made it into my list of top used shades as the color do complement each other nicely. Mugshot is a rich brown that makes it a good accent while darkside and blackheart are actually not as dark as it appears in the pan. 

I like how Blackheart has tiny hints of glitter in it as I can foresee myself using it for a smokey eye look or to use as an "eyeliner".

My verdict: 
The Naked 3 palette is probably the most neutral palette out of the three launched in the Naked series. I like how versatile this palette can be as you can transform your day look to a night look with a few shadows. However, the colours are a little too disappointing as compared to Naked 1 and 2 palettes. It has more of a pinkish-brown tone to the color selection and if you are not a huge fan of glitter, don't fork out the money for this palette. I had quite a hard time falling in love with the palette at first as the color didn't really show up on my lids without the help of a primer. But you gotta learn to love this! 
Now, this palette has replaced my Naked 1, for the time being, as it is more suitable for school/work where you don't want to overdo it.

Also, the only freebies that came with it was a bunch of primer.. that came in sachets. Instead of a lipgloss or a deluxe primer sample in cute travel sized bottles.

Buy or no buy?
I would say buy if you are a die hard UD fan or if you want a more professional and demure look. If you are looking for something darker and has more variety. Reach out for Naked 1 or 2 instead!

Stay pretty!
And let me know down below if you have the Naked 3 palette, what is your take on it? Or what looks do you create from the palette! I would love to know~

Amanda Misaki Sea


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