Saturday, 2 August 2014

#334; July Bellabox - A day in Paris

Oh my!
How time has flown and it is now August! So yes, this post is waaay overdued but nonetheless, here is July Bellabox. This month's theme is La Petite Parisienne which in other word translates to.. "PAINT ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENCH GIRLS!"

Right on top of the card is a pretty stock card customized to the month's theme and has all the product information for each item in your box. Pretty cool if you are considering purchasing any item after trying it out :>

On top of the white nondescript paper is a tiny macaroon sticker which attempts to liven up the otherwise drab outlook of the box. 
I am so sorry but I love pretty wrapping paper kkz. Like I didn't pay for white paper!

Unboxing what I've got in the month of July, I had mixed feelings about this box. 
July's Bellabox seems pretty bleak as compared to the past few months..

First up is a deluxe sample of the L'Oreal Eversleek Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner set which I have tried prior to this and love the scent as well as the formula. 
It has a very rich almond scent and really does its job of taming my frizzy hair. So I am pretty glad of this but not thaaat glad because I have tried this out thanks to the BlackBox subscription that I previously have. 

Another L'Oreal item that I gotten in my box. 
The White Perfect Laser Anti-spot derm white essence. Not sure what this does exactly but I shall read up on it. Not sure also, whether this sample size is adequate for me to achieve whatever it is that this product claims to achieve. It really is tiny. 

Like those samples you could redeem from their Facebook page for free. 
Satisfaction level. 1/10

Moving on..
Perhaps the only few things I am glad for in the box is the Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfume sample. 
I know most people don't even have this in their box because I was scrolling through their Insta and saw all the complaints. So SHALL NOT be bitchy and shall say I am thankful for this. 

At least this is ok for me to tote around in my pouch to touch up on my perfume throughout the day!
Not like I actually will. 
Please don't tell anyone.
I don't stink.
I swear.

The next happiest thing in my box would be a Lollipops lipstick. 
This product comes in a slick matte packaging and is really convenient to slip into the tiniest of purse!

If you have been following me diligently on Instagram, you would have known that my obsession with red lipstick cannot be curb. And so, all kind of lipsticks never fail to tug at my heart strings.

Love this shade that borders on a coral-ish red that is sure to match my skin tone. 
Also loving the cute packaging on the tube with lips and Mquah! all over. 
Hidden meaning to kiss someone eh ;>

Last product would be the NUXE Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion. 
I love NUXE! Like their sunblock and face wash is so good plz. 
But sadly, mummy dearest took this away from me a second after I whipped it out for photo taking. :/
Ah well.. Shall make do with others. 

Macaroon/Macaron? Stickers as an added bonus. *smirks*
This is gonna go on my laptop. 

Overall, I am pretty upset with July's Bellabox.. 
Like each month gets more disappointing and I am not sure whether to continue with the subscription..
This box cost $19.90. But I feel like it isn't worth that much. 

I would love to know what do you think about July's Bellabox
I haven't bought my subscription for August and am still debating!

Amanda Misaki Sea
Disappointment is my middle name :/


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