Sunday, 3 August 2014

#335; Stripey Summer Nails x BornPrettyStore

Born Pretty Store recently mailed me a bunch of new nail stuff to try out!
And what better way to commemorate a good summer, than having nice perfectly manicured summer nails? I'm so into the summer trend and have even started a scrapbook with a summer theme! :D

I chose this pretty coral polish with a cute polka dotted bow on it, from their Nail Art category!
The bow is removable but I thought it mimic Ciate and I always love me some cute packaging! 
This bottle has 15ml of summerish coral in it and pretty sturdy to actually survive the International shipping so that is a plus!

Starting off with clean bare nails. And yes, I have pretty chipped nails :/ 
Not sure why... 
I applied a layer of clear base varnish below before starting off!
Though I recommend that you apply the polishes directly onto your clear nails as it goes on more smoothly that way! But it's your preference?

So much love for this color!
I always love shades of pink and coral on my nails and this color has caught my fancy from the moment I caught sight of it on Born Pretty Store's extensive catalog!

The color is really similar to what you see through the polish bottle! You know how sometimes the color that comes out from the polish isn't what you've expected as when you view it from the bottle itself?
You definitely won't have a problem with these! 

They go on smoothly and almost comparable to OPI that I have own at a fraction of the price! 
One coat is all you need as it is very opaque but I put on two for it to last longer!

I further went on to put some stripes on my nails for a more summerish feel!

Not sure why it looks pink here! 
Guess it is just my camera! But I will do the nail art on a fake nail that I have so it is easier to illustrate? 
What you will need is a striping tape but you can also substitute that for some sticky tape!

Simply cut as many tape as you would like! And stick them over at any corner of your nails. I chose to do the top portion, sort of like a french tip!
Layer on a contrasting color! I chose a white polish for the color!

You will end up with pretty summer looking stripey nails like this!
A video tutorial is also up on YouTube and I have placed it down below for ease of viewing :>

Overall, I love this polish and I think the quality is superb for the price you are paying. It doesn't have a strong "polish" scent and the color payoff is amazing. 
You can get this from Born Pretty Store for only US$3.46 which is about SGD$4.31. 
BUTTTT~ They also offer free Worldwide shipping.. Plus use this code CTB10 for a 10% off! 
So that translates to about SGD$3.80 for a really good polish! So worth it okay!
This polish is available in 10 different shades so drop by and take a look! I have included the link here!

Hope you enjoy the nail tutorial although it is a tad bit awkward due to lack of workspace on my tiny table plus it is my first time filming something :/ 
Please be nice!

I thought my nails add a pop of color to my otherwise very drab wardrobe. I love dressing in monotonous colors and the only time I am adventurous is having pretty shades on my nails
Loving this stripey summer nails look and even got complimented by my mum :>
*pats self on back*

Don't wait and check out Born Pretty Store Nail art supplies or even their extensive range of products!
The discount code "CTB10" is available to all their products at the checkout!

Amanda Misaki Sea


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