Wednesday, 6 August 2014

#336; 10 Things that Guys will NEVER get

Unless you find yourself surrounded by the drama of girls-world every single second, here are somethings that guys will never get.

1. I can have one but you can't.
We girls find it okay to have our fair share of  "eyecandy" which often doesn't really include you because we have seen you almost everyday.
*sorry guys*
We also find it ok to tell you how hot Adam Levine is and how we would love to have his' babies.

But if you guys even look at another girl, just even once. Or even fantasize about Scarlett Johansson. Or speak about how hot Megan Fox's bod is. Get ready for a hell load of trouble.

(source: tumblr)

Because imaginary or not. 
Be it in real life or on the big screens, any girls that catches your attention is automatically a rival. 

2. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned
Sorry to say, but we know how to hold a grudge.
Too well. 
In fact, what you say will always be etched in our minds. Tucked away in a tiny little box marked "vital evidence", in the darkest recesses of our mind.
And all this, just so we can take it out when we need it most to win an argument against you. 

That being said, don't ever throw a tantrum at us because we will remember it. And because we will bring it up when we are feeling too emotional, twenty or thirty years down the road... 

"Remember that time you threw a tantrum at me over xxx 20 years ago.......yea, I hate you for that"

3. One is never enough
Bags, shoes and other articles of clothing is never enough.
In fact, I find myself shopping from Monday till Friday for a perfect date attire for the weekends. 
Then I will repeat as necessary on the following Monday. 

And when we buy a bag, we have to buy a pretty top or dress to go along. And then we have to get accessories. Oh! And a pair of new shoes.

(source: tumblr)

Because shopping is a necessity and the only way we get stress relief.
Ever heard of retail therapy?
Also, thank us girls for the contribution towards the economy. 

(source: tumblr)

"You're welcome"

4. Not your ordinary brand. 
On the point of shopping, we girls rather starve and convince ourselves that food is for the weak and that we can live without it for a few days, if the money goes to a greater cause. 

(source: tumblr)

And when I mean a greater cause, it will be the latest Chanel bag or Pandora charms.
Sacrifices includes re-wearing our outfits for a date or restraining ourselves from buying new lipsticks.

5. We love to hate ourselves. 
We do love ourselves. Sometimes.
On days when we have three kg of on-point makeup, soft bouncy hair and a slim tummy is when we love ourselves. Just a little. 

Rest of the time?

(source: tumblr)

We don't see our bodies like you do. 
We rather pick out our insecurities and flaws and amplify them because it is where we find that there is room for improvement.
Which is probably our whole body. 

So when guys say that "Confidence is the only thing you need" and that we are irritating as hell to pick out our flaws. Kindly note that we aren't complaining about your "assets", which is the one thing that truly needs some improvement. #justsaying

Had a guy come up to me once, all swag and shitz, and he told me that he is "hot". 

Your confidence is admirable.
But please know your limits. You don't see girls saying how pretty we are when we meet you for the first time. In fact, we are pretty dumb-discreet over the whole thing.

"OMG I am so ugly!!!!"Instagram caption because we actually feel pretty decent that day, but we are just fishing for comments. Annoying but at least we have the decency. TYVM.

6. Catwoman
We love a guy with a good sense of humor. In fact, that will probably be the reason why we even agreed to go out with you in the first place. 

But always remember this. 
We are the catwoman. Not the old lonely hag with twenty cats in her one room apartment. 
We love your jokes and can joke along with you. But sometimes, NO.


Actually come to think of it, most of the times, no.

7. One Minute!
Welcome to the mysterious standstill world of the "Minutes". Where one minute means an hour spend waiting on the couch and 5 minutes means half a day has passed. *sorry Bubs*

If only you guys understand what's it like to be a woman. 

(source: tumblr)

Pretty makeup is never a crime.
And do you know how hard it is to choose a shade of red from our collection of 38 similarly-shade of red lipsticks?!

8. Chocolate makes the World go round. 
PMS, have you encountered them before? If so, you will know the cure to it is a good dose of chocolatey goodness.
Who cares if it makes us gain extra weight. We just need chocolate.


(source: tumblr)

That's right sisters!
Even Disney knows it.

9. Fine Vs. Fine
"Hey babe, is it ok if I hang out with the guys tonight?"

This is not fine.
But this is.

"Hey babe, is it ok if I go straight home after classes today?"

Know the difference.
Honestly, it is all about the context of the question. Imagine us standing there and telling you "it's fine". If you see imaginary us rolling our eyes and flicking our hair, it a definite "No, it is not fine".

10. Nothing to wear
We can have a wardrobe full of clothes and we will always complain that we have nothing to wear, even if we went to the mall yesterday to pick out a whole new outfit.

(source: tumblr)

And we will proceed to nag and complain until you relent and promise to buy us a whole new set of outfit.

We can also buy lots of new clothes which never see the light ever again. Because we look like faeries in them while in the fitting room, but look like this when we test try it at home.

(source: tumblr)

Now that we have covered all ten pointers, don't you think you understand us girls a little better?
After all, we are not that hard to know.. right?


Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S: Not as bimbotic. But bimbotic enough to function like a girl. And my font on this post is so screwed up.
I can't even.

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