Wednesday, 13 August 2014

#337; WCWT - Alive Museum!

Another new WCWT (Where Chubbies Went Today)! I love having adventures and this trip to Alive Museum is proudly sponsored by Alive Museum x Omy Blog Club~
When I first had the opportunity to RSVP for a slot to the museum, I was so excited! Mainly because I wanted to head to the museum after my trip to another similar 3D museum~

So I was really happy when I gotten the confirmation of my attendance.
We decided to go on a Thursday, seeing as it is a weekday and there would be lesser people, so more time to take photo and pose nice nice.

Our complimentary tickets!
So cute leh! The ticket showcase what is inside although we didn't get to take all of the photos of the exhibit because some were closed for renovation and reparation and some were too hard to take.

But nonetheless, enjoy the photos ahead!

The museum has many optical illusions and tricks like this one. 
You are supposed to stare at the black and white image for 30 seconds before looking back at the empty white spot. 
Both of us tried it and... we didn't manage to see anything. 

This post will be very photo heavy so I will minimize what I have to say! But here is a picture of Chubby trying to drag the poor lady out of the frame. Pervy Chubby.

And this is pervy me tryna peek at her showering 

This picture is really cool! 
Supposedly, the man in the painting turns his head to follow you everywhere you go!
There are many interactive displays such as this one and I will compile them into a tiny vlog and post it soon down below! 
Also check it out if you are too lazy to see all my photos!

Princess Amanda! Hurhur.
And Towkay Yeo. 

I could have been a ballerina. 
But the exhibit was close.. But my gosh, how spectacular and stunning the details are! 

Another interactive display! This one plays a tune when you stand close to it. 
I hope my camera was able to catch the tune.. Else you would just have to watch it play to some other soundtrack. 

Trumpet man also happens to be Chubby Cheeks long distant cousin >w<

Chubby drinking poodle's pee.. Not sure but he seems pretty happy to me :/


Derpy Mermaid Amanda looking at her tail. 
So this exhibit requires you to lean forward and a sudden gust of unexpected wind will whip your hair like a supermodel...
But I ended up looking like a scared pug the first time it happened so no leaning forward. 
I prefer my hair in its glorious form.

My knight in shining armor 
Always protecting me and treasuring me like a princess. 

And helping me to take nice OOTD even though you make me look fat but is ok. We even cause I get to post many unglam pictures of you too.

There are also many silly caricatures of famous people and a lot of Singapore themed exhibit to take photos of/with! Super cool!

Free water! I dabao home.

This room is filled with reflective mirrors even the floors!!
So I had to be really careful about flashing myself since i was wearing a skirt!

Chubby! What are you doing?!

Very pretty pictures of Gardens by the Bay. And a tiny iron man.

Chubby Cheeks is too hungry.

Not sure what this is but he looks weird here. So here it is.

Not sure what this exhibit is for but pose cause I get to sit. 

This is pretty scary. 
Plus there was a notice to tell us not to let so many people stand on top of it at one time... :/
There was a ladybug version but my cammy is so unfocused..

He be eating us.

I love this one!
Didn't get a chance to do this because the paint was still drying but it reminds me of the walking dead!

Uncle your teeth very stubborn

Silly meercat buba!
The meercats are all the same size though it is hard to tell..

A chalkboard where we can pen our love messages to each other! :>

Before I get executed.

This is a must do! 
So sweet one can a not! 
Pretend you are on a cruise.. On a paper boat.

Us riding on a humming bird! :D

Naughty ellie!

Chubby is so small I can put him in my bag!

Pouring tiny squealing penguins out of the picture is a habit of mine :x

I love candy and I cannot lie. :d

All in all, Alive Museum is really really interesting! I lost track of time there but it took me close to two-three hours to complete the whole tour. There are no tour guides and you are able to touch and feel as well as take photos and videos with the arts there.

Unlike other 3D museum, Alive Museum is really really spacious~
And there are just so many places to take a really good photo so I am delighted at how this trip turned out!
Would I return again?
Of course! They are planning a Christmas themed exhibit so I will be sure to visit!

If you are keen in heading to Alive Museum, head on to their website for ticketing details as well as how to get there! Me and Chubby Cheeks got a little lost but found our way there eventually. Also...

You can redeem a Free Burger King meal by simply liking Alive Museum Facebook page and showing the counter staff your ticket stubs!

Hope you enjoy this post and I will post up the video really soon! :D

Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S: Tickets are only $25, so it makes a wonderfully good place for couples and family to go la.
Plus it is quite convenient to go there since it is located at Suntec City! 


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