Monday, 25 August 2014

#338; Naked 3 Makeup - Day Look

Hi guys! :D
Have been so so long since I have posted and being so busy with university submissions and also with revising for the exams :/ I don't wanna get retained!

Today's blog post will be on the Naked 3 Makeup and even though I said I would do a Naked 1 Makeup look, I never really gotten around to do it.. Instead, I jumped right into the Naked 3 makeup look because the palette is just so neutral and suitable for day to day use.

Here is my sparse eyes with my pretty lenses. I forgot what model these are though because I took these pictures a while back and only gotten around to blogging about them nao >w<

I used the shade Limit for my whole lids because it was a shade that was closest to my natural lid color. 
So it acted as a sort of base. 

Next up is Nooner, which is a very natural matte brown shade.
The Naked 3 palette has one of the most neutral shades ever so it is perfect for day look.
Nooner was applied all over the lids and more towards the end of my lids for a subtle gradient brown effect.

Last but not least is the shade Blackheart which is a glittery dark brown! Ever since I've seen Lorde's MV and she spotted a similar eyeshadow look, I have been wearing this! Like it is so ingenious to actually use a darker eyeshadow shade to accentuate the creases in your eyelids for a deeper double eyelid effect!

From the picture above, you only need to apply Blackheart in the direction as stated and you should get something like this. This shade is the darkest in the palette so you can use a fluffier brush (think Naked 3 Palette brush) to blend it out. 

I keep using my Naked 1 palette because it is so versatile imo. 

How it should look like with both eyes done!

I like to use a cream eyeliner to line my eyes because it is easy to control than liquid. I chose a brown cream liner because I like a more subtle look and this is my go-to lazy "I want to look makeup-ed but not like I am putting too much effort" kinda look. 

I like to start winging my eyeliner from the end first because it gives me an idea of how "curvy" my liner should be! And then I work from the inner lids to the tip of the wing!
Easier that way, even with liquid!

And then I applied liquid liner over the whole thing to make it last longer. 
Yes, my cream liner isn't very obvious and the line don't stand a chance in the humid weather. Also, my DollyWink Liquid eyeliner in brown is very faint when used on my normal lids :< 
So I thought I used them together and my oh my, they are friggin waterproof and really natural yet beautiful at the same time. 

How my finished liner looks like along with a coat of mascara!
Using Benefit - They're real! Mascara!

Completed look! 
Super natural and suitable for a day out/job interview okeh!
You can totally skip the mascara part if you are in a rush or just don't want the extra weight on your lids. 

Pair it with a nude/coral lipstick!
Whichever looks best for you!

Or if you are looking to glam up the look, go for a red and loud lipstick to exude elegance and confidence!
Totally love this super versatile look

Ugliest brows ever because I didn't trim :/ 
But here is the close-up of my pretty eyes! hurhur.

You can read the review and swatch of my Naked 3 palette here!
And overall, this is a palette that needs experimenting before you can fall in love with.
I would say invest in Naked 3 only if you are a beginner and love the natural and neutral shades that you are getting but if you want to try something a tad bit adventurous, grab Naked 1 and 2 instead!

I shall do a filler post somewhere mid-week with some updates of my life because this blog is becoming a little tad too commercialized. But I just love to share all my favorites in this space!
AND I hope you guys would like all that I have to share so far.

Also do look out for the giveaway post! :D Happening a little bit from now.
Sigh so laze. Yet so much to do.

Much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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