Saturday, 30 August 2014

#339; What's up Amandy?

I thought I had time in the mid-week to do a filler post and fill up this space with some updates on my life. But I have been so busy rushing through writing notes that I totally didn't have any spare time for myself :<
Some time back, I graduated from Ngee Ann Poly and entered my university life straight after. I didn't even take an extended break.. pfft.

Talk about hardworking!

Graduation was a blur of emotions and honestly didn't feel much although I wished I did. And when I entered university, my first few weeks were spent pretty lonely. I didn't make any friends at all and was quiet throughout the whole lesson.
It seems like everybody made friends through the bridging session that I wasn't required to take... Or that they knew each other prior to this. And so lonely Amanda sat at a corner of the class and wasn't spoken to unless someone spoke to her. I hope I don't look too unapproachable, but perhaps I am.
I guess I am just too introverted but I open up and talk a lot if I feel comfortable.

During this period of time, Chubby Cheek was my strong pillar of support.
Since my campus was super close to his workplace, we would often meet up after my classes has ended or have dinner together. Sometimes he would even surprise me after school.

A bunch of nice girls saw me at lessons one day and invited me to sit with them, and after that I was a slight part of their clique although almost always left out :/ Oh well. At least I have a bunch of people to sit with and do my own stuff~

On to more pending matters! For the first semester, we had individual assignment that took up a bulky 30% and so I spent my days mugging like a cave woman and then the rest of my study week writing notes. Even now...

My next paper is on the first week of September and I am so nervous because I can't even get myself to concentrate.. I am not even sure why and I have gotten so stress the past few days that I fell sick and earned myself a big dose of blocked and runny nose. And I decided I shouldn't stress myself so bad so here is a good dose of fun times with Chubby Cheeks

Had a nice piece of peachy fruit tart at JEM while I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline :D
I gotten a new cammy from daddy and these are the photos I took! Really pretty!
Love the Canon G12!

Also, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the launch date of Afterlight on the Android platform and I hurried to my app store to purchase this! Totally worth my $1.28 because there were waaaay more filters than Vsco and you can layer filters on top of each other to create one that matches you best!

I actually bought the app on my iPad. So I guess you can see what a big fan I am lor. 

Going waaaaay back on this one but I finally caved in and bought Pandora. I bought so many charms on my own and this was the first one Chubby Cheeks bought for me! 
It was to commemorate how I will always be his special princess, thus explains the tiara. 
This was a very spontaneous and out of the blue gift so thank you bubby for your courage to venture into the world of sparkly jewelry to get this for me!

My Pandora charm bracelet now! 
I will prolly make a blog post or a vlog when it's all filled up! So in love with everything on my charm bracelet. 

Had this ramen with dad the last time he was back in SG. And it was so good. 
Actually kinda craving for this right now shall I go into the details?
The soup base was heavenly and the slices of cha siew just melts into your mouth. The noodles were of the right thickness and the consistency of the noodles were just right. 

Perfection in a bowl. 

After which I felt fat and went on a cereal diet which didn't work because I ate a bowl of cereal and proceeded to eat three pieces of chocolate and a whole sandwich. FML. 
But I did arrange this to make it look so darn pretty. Hur. 
Gimme credit. 

Okay, it was nice just ranting about my tiny nutshell life. 

Until the next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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