Wednesday, 17 September 2014

#341; Fairytale Fall Nails

I'm back with a new post and I know I haven't been updating so thank you so so much to all those readers who regularly check back on this tiny space! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments and questions you guys have left me. Heartwarming messages that cheers me as well as make me feel a twinge of guilt for not updating :/

I also know that I am waaay back on so many posts including the giveaway ones that I promise I would make for my blog's third year anniversary. That would be up by this week, so bear with me!

For today's post, yep! You read right, Fairytale themed fall nails!
Fall/Autumn is here and although there really isn't much of a difference in Singapore, there is a tiny little bit of the festive mood! And to add, the weather has been really pleasant.

These beautiful water nail art decals are sponsored by BornPrettyStore and they are so gorgeous and cute!
I chose this because of how much it reminded me of Autumn and how brown leaves would fall so prettily everywhere and all the animals would get ready for winter. But the sad fact is that there would never be Autumn/Winter in Singapore.

At least I get them on my nails! ;>
These are also very fairytale themed in that there are tiny bears and bows as well as deers and cutesy squirrels!

Chose a pretty shade of pink to complement the whole Fairytale theme. 
By now, you should have guess that my favorite color is pink :D

These water nail art decals are similar to the ones from BornPrettyStore that I gotten previously and you have to soak them in water before placing on your nails! 
They are extremely fast to put on and the effect is really pretty and professional!

A closer look on these three different prints on my nails which I love to bits! 
On my thumb is a little squirrel with his acorn and a flower! 
On my middle finger, I place a proud little deer with pretty little flakes and heart glitter bits framing it~
And on my pinky I placed two mushroom with colourful bits on their caps! 

These nails are so apt for my Fall/Fairytale themed Pandora bracelet don't you think?!
The water nail art decals are of extremely good quality and doesn't fold on itself when it is separated from the backing. 
The color is also vivid and vibrant! A plus point~

You can get these from BornPrettyStore at this link!
They only cost $2.86 plus get a 10% off with this code "CTB10"!
BornPrettyStore also has a wide array of other items such as clothing, handphone cases and many other nail art stuff including gel polishes!
Going craycrayy cause I am all for gel nails these days~

Go and shop for your nail essentials at BornPrettyStore now! :D

Amanda Misaki Sea


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