Sunday, 21 September 2014

#342; WCWT - Cafe x Organic Shopping

Me and Jov love to go cafe hopping all the time, when we have money la! And of course we love to revisit cafe and head off to new places to explore. So this time round, we decided to make a trip to Pasarbella at The Grandstand. This place was pretty secluded and it took us some navigating, a lot of sweat filled tissue and plenty of cussing and Google Mapping before we finally got to The Grandstand.

There are a lot of cafe and restaurant situated there! Like Pies & Coffee, Omakase burger, Twelve Cupcakes and a whole lot of other foodie places. But our sights were set on Pasarbella.

Had a quick lunch and quickly realized that the first floor was filled with eateries and the rest of the building was for childcare and tuition :o Rich people.
Pasarbella was situated waaay back nearest to Giant Hypermart and I was just thrilled and fascinated by the assortment of food and super tumblr, vintage and hipster vibe of the whole place. I didn't dare to take much photos because I was so afraid to get scolded by people but they are all so damn friendly!

They had an organic food mart where you can get healthy food and imported fruits and vegetables.
The tiny potatoes were so adorbs I wanted to buy a tiny box home just so I could draw faces on them and name them one by one.

Because Pasarbella is a kid-friendly environment, there are some toys store and even a corner where kids can squish themselves onto beanbags and watch cartoons while their mommies shop in peace or drink afternoon tea. It was also sectioned really nicely, like stalls selling coffee and tea were grouped together and foods were grouped together. So it was easy navigating the whole layout of Pasarbella.

Chubby started complaining that he is thirsty so we bought two bottle of juice! 
Pomegranate and Raspberry was mine and the Orange and Mandarin was his.
We walked around and found ourselves at the food section and there were so many stores selling delicious food, cakes, wine, cheeses, paella and even Japanese fares like ramen and the ever famous marbled beef slices. 
Thinking about the food makes my tummy rumbly because I could spend my whole day eating all the good food there.

I actually wanted cake but settled to share this awesome delicacy with Chubby. 
Everyone, please meet Gratin.

This was the store nearest to the wine section and the shop owners were all so friendly and smiley!
We love! The gratin was served warm with thick juicy slices of mushroom and soft potato topped with cheese. Ughs.. So crave for it now!

In fact, Jov gotten so obsessed that he googled for the recipe and had mummy-in-law make it for us :x
*pats tummy* 
That's why I am constantly expanding sideways and forward. 

Look at that. 
*wolf whistle* 
It was about $7 for a rather huge serving of gratin and I recommend to try it if you ever stopped by there because this is too good. They sell a lot of cakes there too and if you walk around you will find many other food stalls but that's for another trip!

 After an hour or so of wandering about the place, we decided to make our exit and stop by to get macarons! Which is nearest to the entrance/exit.
We didn't get to take a good picture of the whole display of macarons because I didn't want to seem too suaku and foodie-ish + typical Instagrammer behaviour. So Chubby bought me a bag of macarons so I have something to post over the next couple of weeks ;>

Left Pasarbella and decided that we had time to head to town so we caught the shuttle bus they had to the nearest bus stop.

Of course, not before we take selfies!

When we got to town, we had a quick bite before tucking into our macarons on a bench at Somerset 313. While people were queuing for their llaollao, we were enjoying the goodness of macarons from Pasarbella. 
And here are the glorious macarons.

Salted Caramel.
Love the pink and lilac shells :x
For all the macarons, the shell was soft and yet crisp enough. It was just the right amount of sweetness and the flavors of the macarons were true to their names and description~

This if I remembered correctly was something coffee-ish and chocolatey and belonged to the premium range of macarons. It was of course a little more pricey but this was the best out of the bunch. 

This lilac little macaron is Cookies and cream! 

And the one I had the most expectation of but failed so drastically... 
Peppermint choc! The peppermint was so strong that the chocolatey goodness failed to go hand in hand with this.. It was like eating toothpaste. 

Overall, Pasarbella is a must go if you are in the Bukit Timah area and for avid cafe hoppers. 
For the macarons, do try the specialties as they are really really good and also, the really special cartoon macarons that are selling for $4 for each if you are willing to splurge for a good Instagram photo :'D

Would I return there? 
Yes! We are already planning our next trip there and I will be sure to buy more macarons and take more peektures!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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