Sunday, 21 September 2014

#343; Rave&Fav - Mi Powerbank

Hello! :D
So I recently gotten a new Mi Powerbank which is superbly good. I have been pretty slow to know this brand and even slower to lay my hands on one of these powerbanks which are reportedly, very good and efficient in charging!

I always hated not having enough battery to last the day and therefore I have a multitude of powerbanks which are super slow in charging plus they spoil easily. Also, I also have a spare battery to swap over in case my phone battery dies on me. So, I was pretty apprehensive about getting another powerbank for fear that it would end up being neglected or really slow. I only decided to buy it when I saw the time sale for them and managed to secure one of these!

Unfortunately, Mi does not have a physical store in Singapore so you are only able to purchase their powerbank and accessories on their website. They open up new batches of "Tuesday Lunchtime Sales" every week and release a limited number of bundle pack, powerbank and various accessories for sale. So if you are interested in getting anything, be sure to camp at your phone/laptop to make sure you get your hands on them!

Their famous Mi Powerbank comes in two capacity. The 10400 mAh which always sells out within a few seconds after launch and the 5200mAh which sells out on the day itself. I am really lucky that when I caught the lunchtime sales, the website server was just reestablished so I managed to cart one out right away!

The ordering process was really simple and I cart out using my credit card. The shipment was received within 3 working days via Speedpost courier so you can be sure that you will get your orders within the week itself! Pretty efficient!

Here is my package!

Packaged neatly within a box, I get a copy of my order details/receipt/warranty. 
Mi Powerbank comes with a 6 months warranty so you are pretty covered!

There is also a small air pocket thing that protects your order from getting jostled and possibly damaged, while in transit to you.

In another box is your beautiful new powerbank complete with a cable!
So glad that my phone is Samsung so I don't have to swap this with another cable in order for this to charge my phone. Plus this powerbank can be used with other phone models!

Sleek silver and at the top you get a power button, charging/discharge port and led light status. 
This is a 5200 mAh powerbank and I didn't think that it would be able to charge my phone much because you know how powerbank discharge themselves while on standby.

The Mi Powerbank impressed me, in that it not only charges really fast and efficiently (2% - 100% in a span of 1.5h) but also that 4 bars of battery is able to charge my phone to 100% twice!

It is pretty sturdy and small enough to tote around in your bag and fits nicely into the palms of my hand. 
Of course, if you choose to get the 10400mAh, it would be much bigger. I for one, like my powerbank tiny and cute sized. So this works best for me. 

Recharging the powerbank to full capacity is also pretty fast and I like how you can see the status of the battery at the top. 

Did I mention that this awesome Powerbank only cost SGD$8.99?!
Of course, shipping cost an extra $5 but $14 for a powerbank that is really efficient and lives up to standard is too darn good to give up. 
Plus shop with your friends and buy more because if your order hits SGD$50 you get free shipping!
Goodbye cheapskate powerbank from scape because this one has officially made it to my Rave&Fav list for its price, efficiency and sleekness. 

Now all I am waiting for is for the colored Mi Powerbanks to be launched in Singapore :/
Eyeing the gold and seafoam mint green color o.o

Verdict: 10/10
Go get them. You won't regret. 
You can get them here every Tuesday, 12pm.

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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