Monday, 22 September 2014

#344; 3rd Year Giveaway~

It has been three years since I first started blogging on this page and it first started out as a place to pen my rambles and thoughts about my life so far so it was pretty personal until I signed up with Samplestore and they gave me free samples plus products to review.

Ever since then, I have been blogging more about what I love from my life and the products that I cannot live without. In a way, I would describe my blog as a "chapalang" kinda blog with stuff from food to makeup to nails. And I think the best terminology to classify me would be "lifestyle"-blogger. I guess throughout these three years I have kept myself in sync with the blogging society but try to exclude myself from it because I know that me making money off my blog will not be substantial to sustain my shopaholic tendencies and also because I want to be spared the drama of getting flamed by haters and even by our own kind, so to speak. And thus, I continued blogging, I would say religiously but readers who check back everyday would be disappointed... I am sorry :<

My blog would garner attention from sponsorers who love my content and sponsor me items but of course, I am in no urgent need of them. I accept items because I thought it would be a good way to introduce the products to you, the readers and also because I quite cheapskate and new products are something I wouldn't dare to try out until I get like a big sample size or like a full retail sized products lah! But blogging these reviews are true as is to my opinions on them and I am glad that I didn't have to blog unhappy stuff about products. I mean I do have my fair share of unpleasant experience dealing with blogshops but I rather just suck it up and not trample on anyone's toes. Unless of course, the blogshop super duper "guo fen" (too much) then I'll rage.

Throughout these three years, I get the occasional people commenting how my blog isn't famous. Yes it isn't. I didn't want it to be. I don't blog to garner fame. I blog as an outlet for stuff which I love and as a personal archive. I truly mean it because sometimes I google for a lens review that I did myself from waaay back just to see if the lenses were yay or nay :'D #lonelypeopleproblems

I was really happy when I realized I actually had a few loyal readers and am truly touched by their gestures to reach out to me and communicate with me :> You know who you lovely people are!
You guys are the reasons why I continue to blog on even though I am super duper busy with University. Actually I am not that busy.. But you guys are the reason I get off my sloth butt to blog :x

But I love the comments I received, albeit if they were just a few, and views on post truly made me happy because I knew somehow that me blogging in this space wasn't all in vain! And when people actually tell acquaintance about my blogs or when they reach out to me, I love it! Not in the attention seeking way but I would love to know all my readers as a true personal friend! I know I sound super lonely lah..wth :/

Okay, bottom line is this!
I love sharing stuff with you guys, I love giving back to people and I think you deserve something!

Therefore, this year, I had no sponsors ah!
But I am giving away this set of Tony Moly Cats Wink clear powder foundation pact which is really quite good and I have one of my own!

I love the packaging and I bring it around with me because it is so handy! But that is for another review :x

And also a Tony Moly Catchu Wink Tony Tint!
I also have this lip tint for my own and I love it a lot! So yes, I am sharing my love with you guys!

Also, because my blog has reached the third year milestone I will be giving away three sets of these prizes! :D
The steps to enter are also real simple!

To enter the giveaway simply use the widget below! Or if you are viewing this on a mobile site:
1) Like my "Facebook page" (+1 point)
2) Share the giveaway image on my Facebook page (+1 point)
3) Following me on Twitter @amandamisaki (+2 point)
4) Tweeting a simple message with link to this post! (+2 point)
5) Following me on Instagram @amandamisaki (+3 point)
6) Leaving a blog comment! (+1 point)

Of course if you can't use the widget below, please remember to comment which steps you have done down below and to leave me your username for the various social networking sites! :D For options 2 and, you can do it everyday to increase the odds of winning!

This giveaway is open internationally!

 Much Love and thanks!
Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S. If I happen to get many entries, I might give out consolation prizes! :D


Wanna see your advert here? Or got a message you want to send to your target audience through social networking sites?
Open to sponsorship/collaboration/giveaway/events :D

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