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#345; My Dayre Week! {1}

Hey guys!
I wanted to blog earlier and had so much spare time but I guess I didn't because I didn't want the giveaway post to be pushed down :/ So yes! I am back with a new post and this time, I am blogging about my Dayre week!

So Dayre is a microblogging site which is available on your iOS/Android platform so you guys can go download it! I like to use Dayre to update about my personal day to day life and for the benefit of those people who don't already follow me there, I will post these updates here in the form of the "My Dayre Week"!

24 September 2014
My university is situated in the town area and I have to commute for at least an hour or so but it's good to arrive early because I can buy breakfast!
I forgotten they had a branch at Takashimaya! Being the person I am, I bee lined to the various counter and had a sniff of a lifetime. By the time I was done touring the whole store with my nose, I couldn't differentiate the scents apart! :/
But Food is Food and all Food is good. 
Had Manhattan fish market for the very first time with Chubby because I got a one for one deal through the letterbox. Hur! 
And also because we never tried it before! 
I honestly think this is way better than fish & Co. And we Even ordered a mushroom side Which was so delish! 
Purple potato  
They are like crispy slightly salted super crispy fries that are purple and taste way more healthy than actual fries. 

Although I know they are still fattening la. But at least I cut some calories from my usual go to snacks.

So many nomnom but I haven't finish them yet! 

Me: don't be sad la. I love you fat and cuddly.
Chubby: ya. You say you don't mind ma. So I keep Eating and Eating lor. Now so fat
Me: *laugh so hard I snort*
 happy tgif peeples!

Thank you! So much love from her!
Now my little puggy is lazing on bed next to me as I type this~
So very detailed! I especially love the tiny fold of fats on its belly. Cutieeee~
I would definitely use it to put in my makeup and essentials when I go out! so can touch up if needed and it's also way more convenient to find my eye drops :3
And makes me wanna go to Taiwan to shop too *cries*
Much spice. So like. Very salivate.

Hello! Thought I update my dayre because it is getting a little bit quiet here! Anyway I'm not into my second term at Portsmouth and I have started on the dreaded morning lessons :(
Classes now start at 8:30am so I have to wake way earlier than I usually do! Heck, I even wake earlier than what I did in secondary school! 

However, breakfast is a sad affair of cold pre-packaged sandwiches because subway isn't open yet ._. 

Yesterday I ended my lesson early so I headed for lunch with the boyffie who happened to be in the area for a job interview. And after a satisfying lunch at Namnam, we chance upon Bath & Body Works!

We chanced upon men's fragrance so we had a whiff and my gosh! I love it! I especially love the ocean for men because it smells so manly!
Definitely makes a good gift for your SO! 
And before I left the store I wanted to buy a lot of stuff! But settled for a PocketBac holder that costs SG$8!

It's so Marc Jacob-ish! And reminds me of their Daisy with its gold, white and black combination! 
Quite worth because a simple side holder with glitter is SG$5 ._. #shopaholic #cheapskate

And this happened!

Me: Yay! I got the bag for my small purchase! 
chubby: why you go get?
Me: Nice ma! So I can show off that I bought something at this expensive store and also I can Instagram the sh*t out of this! *smirks*

Lovely macarons from Jones the Grocer at ion level 4. I swear I have too many unposted macaron pics in my phone and I constant go through them in the middle of the night just to make myself feel hungry. 
This is pistachio.

Yas. And we got this! Not blueberry.. but..
Salted caramel! Yumz. 

And also my Pandora bracelet is almost full Which makes my heart feel almost empty because it was such a joy collecting charms and seeing my bank account being depleted exponentially. 
#noregrets or like the millers would do it

26 September 2014

Had a series of extremely fattening Food for the past few weeks and I'm like super tubby alr. Lumpy and all. So I felt really zibei because I cannot look good in my dresses  

Then I fell in love with Jagabee and gotten a big pack of them from cold storage yesterday! 

And then chubby still has to make me fatter by buying me all these snacks! But he was so sweet to bring them all the way to my house (fyi we stay at polar opposites of the island).  

So we were shopping for clothes and chubby was a bit sad that he grew a little tubby (I think I grew Even more tubbier pls). 

28 September 2014

Chubby's sister recently went to Taiwan and brought back a whole lot of goodies! Here is what she gotten me~ 

Did I mention I love pugs? So she gotten me and chubby matching couple pugs! we are still debating on the names for these lil critters! 

A close up! 

And a big bag of mysterious goodies inside a cute rilakkuma drawstring pouch~

The drawstring pouch is extremely soft and slightly furry and can fit many things inside! 

Beautiful black daisies (?) necklace that is so simple yet so classy! Love this so much! And it's definitely so versatile to match my outfits!

Also this pastel mint necklace! So pretty~ she has such good taste la! 

Last but not least, "tie dan" or iron egg if I do a direct translation! This is superbly good though I haven't opened my packet yet~ I can't wait to try this out though! It's suppose to be spicy!

Thank you once again for all this awesome goodies! 
Can't wait to go to Chubby house to see his famfam and also all his' sister baby hammies!

That's all for my Dayre week! You can download the app and give me a follow or just bookmark this webpage! I will be posting about two or three updates in a week! :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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