Monday, 13 October 2014

#346; WCWT - Grin Affair

This is a very very overdued WCWT post. This time round, the chubbies tackle another cafe!
Grin Affair is situated in a quiet corner of Everton Park and the nearest MRT station is Outram park. Since it was the big Chubby's birthday, I decided that cakes were due.

However, I had no idea how to bake one, a quick search through Instagram gave me an idea that Grin Affair was the place to go. You guys can go Google for how the shop looks like because we were too fat for the camera to post "Tumblr-ishly" and also I had to lug an awkward amount of stuff for his birthday.

The place had a very vintagey and homey feel to it and one would miss it, if you weren't looking for it. Located next to its very famous The Provision Shop, another cafe to try out one day, you wouldn't really look for Grin Affair. However, once you step in, the whole place has a put together feel that you would definitely not want to miss.

Tempted by the wide array of cakes, we decided to order this Honey Lavender cake which boasts a "lavender scented honey mousse with vanilla cake, topped with fresh blueberries". Chubby went gaga over the fact that the blueberries were frozen and kinda burst in your mouth like a boba pearl. 
Me? Not so much because of my sensitive teeth. However, the cake is so fluffy and soft and I love love love it! Really lightly scented lavender and the honey is so friggin good. 

And while Chubby was reading his birthday card, I was taking photos of the tiny vintage designs that they have! These are handmade!!
Loving everything about the place and we actually spend about half an hour there enjoying the whole ambience, nobody was there at all and we just sorta bask in the fact that it was just the two of us plus the very quiet shopkeeper. 

Being the Kiasu girlfriend I was, I preordered and paid for two extra jar cakes in case they sold out when we arrived. So here are the two flavors that we decided to "takeaway" because we also can get very nice photos to Instagram afterwards. Hurhur!

The jars were held by sturdy twine. Which gives me flashback about my Girl Guide days. And the lid was a very cute cupcake paper stamped with their logo. Do I love how cute everything is?! YES!

First up is the one that I ordered for Chubby, which is the Cookies and Cream. And I swear I had the hardest time trying to choose cake flavors because I couldn't resist all of them. Their vivid descriptions induce hunger and lots of saliva... 

Second flavor I gotten for myself is this Dark Chocolate one topped with a handmade ganache dome. OMG. Damn good... I swear. 
And if you note the little ticket things at the side of the jar? You can actually collect vintagey tickets from the shop to exchange for another cake if you return the jars that you have eaten from. 
So environmentally friendly because I kept all them jars for the next time I return for more.

The cake in their jar!
Both tasted so good and the cake was just so soft and you can't ever get sick of them. You know how some cakes are so creamy that you feel disgusted after a few spoonfuls? With Grin Affair cakes, I had no trouble eating them all and wanting more. The lightweight mousse goes well with the cake and the flavors of the cake was subtle yet goes well with everything in it. These are indescribably good and no amount of description can tell you how good these are.  

Would definitely recommend if you love these jar cake novelties and I would definitely want to go back again for more! Really love the whole experience and if I do go back, I will definitely update what new flavors has glutton Amanda tried!

You can preorder their cakes, or even to look at more information about Grin Affair from their website over here

Much Love and Happy Munching,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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