Saturday, 18 October 2014

#347; MAC Blusher - Peachykeen

I have been busy the whole of this week with so many school affairs. And even though classes ends really early at times, I guess the sloth in me has taken over. So I could only find time to put this up :/ Oh my.
On a side note, I did update my Dayre and you can go and read it okkk!

Today's first impression blog post will be on a new blusher that I gotten. I guess I kept procrastinating and ended up delaying this post. Anyhoo, let's get started!

Featuring my new MAC Blusher in the shade Peachykeen! 
Mummy bought this for me from the airport where it is relatively cheaper as compared to Sephora. And I actually have a blusher but I dropped it and it broke into a million pieces, just like my heart... So... 

It is a pretty coral pink color in the pan although it looks really pink here!

And a warm coral tone under warm lighting. What a strange blusher this is. 
When viewed in real life, it is the perfect coral-pink blusher you can ever find. 

It is a sheer tone shimmer blush and really I think that is the only word to describe it. 
In fact, its shade name is so apt. Peachy coral. 

The under fluorescent lighting shot. 
MAC Peachykeen is really sheer and slightly shimmery but layer this over your powder and the shimmer is less noticeable. 
It does take a few brush strokes + swipes to get to this color. 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how friggin beautiful the dotted heart is?! 
Because I drew it on with my laptop cursor.

Under normal lighting, Peachykeen is more visible and this is the shade that appears when you apply it on your face. 
This shade is definitely very buildable, being a sheer shimmer blush. Don't be put off by the glitter because when it is applied to my face, I find that the very fine glitter only serves to highlight your features.

If you are looking for a prominently pink/coral blush, this is not for you. 
Peachykeen is a blush that is very natural. In fact, you don't realize it's there. 
It gives you a very "no makeup" look or like I prefer to call it, the "au naturel" look.
It doesn't take up too much attention and is definitely the right shade for me plus because of the sheerness of it. Peachykeen does not fight for attention with my on point eye makeup (sadly). 

Would I repurchase this?
Yes I would. This has make it to my range of favorite blushers. 
And I am bidding farewell to my Melliesh blusher for now... 

How much is this?
I have no idea >< My mum bought this for me BUT you can head to ION Sephora outlet to check out the price of this! 

What other blushers do you think can make it to the list of fame?
Let me know down below! 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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