Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#348; Revlon Parfumerie - Bordeaux

Going through my days of blogging, I have come to realize that I do not have a proper theme for my blog. When someone asks me "What's your blog theme?", I am usually left dumbfounded. I thought pretty hard about what my blog is mainly about during my short hiatus and have decided that my passion lies in makeup and beauty products so I will focus on that from now on!

Of course I will still do some lifestyle posts and updates now and then! I hope that you guys will still be with me throughout this time and like what I have to blog!

Anyway, I digress.

I have been eyeing the Revlon Parfumerie series for the longest time yet, after reading reviews about them on beauty blogs. And I was absolutely thrilled when I realized that Watsons actually carried them! They carry a whole lot of shades/scents and I was torn between getting a scent that I like or a color that I love to have. So I didn't lay my hands on them because I was extensively Googling like crazy for swatches and description of scents. 

Finally settled on the Bordeaux scent because I love red polishes and this would be the first bottle in this cherry red scent.

Shaped like a perfume bottle, the Revlon Parfumerie is true to its theme and offers scented nail polishes that has a mild pleasant scent when applied. The bottle is also really tiny and dainty and you get 11.7ml of product.

The nail polish brush is a thin yet sturdy one and picks up quite a fair bit of product. I personally prefer smaller brushes because I can apply the polishes onto my nails with more precision. 

Tip: Use a cotton bud and clean the edges of your nail after applying the top coat so that your nails look picture perfect!

This is how they look when applied to my nails with a base coat and two coats of polish. 
The color payoff is great as with all red polishes although it tends to get a bit streaky on the first application. 
Picture taken under normal lighting.

Would I say that it looks exactly like how it is in the bottle? Yes, definitely! 
Under normal lighting, the Revlon Parfumerie in Bordeaux is a dark cherry red which borderlines on the vampy side. Which in all, is perfect for the Halloween season. 
I like how it appears really light under strong lighting because it gives your nails more depth. 

After two days of application and under strong lighting. 

Are they chip resistant? It is about the fourth day I am sporting this beautiful maroon-red polish and there are some chipping at the tip of my right hand. But then again, I am right-handed. 

Now the most important part!
Do they smell like Bordeaux? Bordeaux is a wine so I would say that I smell a slight hint of sweet grapes. But it isn't really strong which is a bit disappointing because I expected more. There are other scents available in-stores such as winter melon, autumn spice and the more quirky ones like linen. 

Final verdict?
I probably wouldn't repurchase this again because it is pretty pricey.
Original price was $12.90 but Watsons is having an offer for it at $8.90. 

Also because the Bordeaux scent is so disappointing and the cherry red color of the polish is nothing new. In fact, Etude House carries this exact color and their polishes are only going for $3.90!
Only try it if you are up for it. 
But I think I would just stick with my $3.90 polishes because it gets pretty weird when you keep sniffing at your fingers. 

I hope you enjoy this review and I will be back with more this week!

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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