Thursday, 30 October 2014

#352; Victoria Secret Hello Gorgeous Palette

A short and sweet post before we hit the weekend! 
This time round, I will be doing a swatch and first impression for the Victoria Secret Hello Gorgeous, Sexy Little Things Palette. 
Phew, what a long title!

I gotten this palette from my Aunt and prior to that, I didn't know Victoria Secret had a make-up line. Slow? I probably wasn't into makeup as much as I am now. 

I totally forgotten that I had this until I was clearing out my makeup stash and realised that I haven't touched this or even started using this. So yes, signs of long storage in the polka dotted box as well as dust motes on the palette! :x

The front of the palette has "Hello Gorgeous" beautifully adorn in red glitter that doesn't fall out. It looks like a clutch with the push clasp in the middle and is pretty bulky and heavy to carry around on normal days.
Although it feels sturdy enough to bring for a trip overseas!

Packaging-wise: Love it! Just don't like how heavy it is, because as if my bag isn't heavy enough :x

The Victoria Secret Hello Gorgeous Palette comes with a built-in mirror and even lights! 
Still functional even though I gotten it for over a year or so, though there is no way to change the batteries without destroying the palette. 

In the palette, you will get two tiny brushes. A dual-ended brush and a single brush.
This palette also boast two eyeshadows, two lipglosses and a blusher.

Palette colors: Pretty decent selection that suits my skin tone.

A closer look at the palette will bring your attention to the two shimmering lip glosses as well as the blusher.
These three are cream-based and it just reemphasizes why I never really like cream-based blusher/glosses. 
They tend to get really messy with prolonged use plus, if you store them for long period of time, there will be "oil bubbles" on the surface of the makeup.. 

Swatches under the harsh fluorescent light.
From left to right: Glosses and shadows. On top: Blush
The first gloss is more of a tea rose color and is the one directly below the brown shadow. 
The second gloss cannot really be seen but its a transparent based gloss and in the palette its a rosy pink with hints of glitter. 

The cream blusher looks dark in the palette but is a very soft and wearable pink! Not bad. 

The eyeshadows are actually pretty good! 
I like the pink shadow on the right as it is light and has very fine glitter. 
While the brown shadow reminds me of one of the shades in Naked 1 Palette. The pigmentation of these shadows is good and for the swatches above, I only needed two swipes from the palette.

A last swatch in normal room lighting. 
Here you can see traces of the transparent gloss. 

What I like and would most likely use: The shadows and maybe.. the blush. 
I don't like how the glosses and blush smell, they smell like crayons.. should I be worried?
Although the shadow pigmentation is crazy good, so I will use them more frequently. 

What other Victoria Secret makeup products have you used?

Love and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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