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#354; Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion Review

Back with a new beauty post! :D
This time round, featuring the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion review. I was in dire need of a new BB product ever since I ran out of my previous brand and decided to finally do a change in brands! Since I had absolutely no inkling which brand were worth trying out, I did a thorough research. My greatest concern was a BB product that did not cause any break out or skin sensitivity and I finally decided to try Laneige after reading countless reviews and trying out samples!

I think Laneige is a pretty popular Korean skin care/makeup brand in Singapore and the BB cushion cost $59 in their retail outlets or Sephora but I chose to buy from Qoo10 as it was way cheaper there. Of course I will buy the refills in-store cause I tend to wait till the last minute before I buy what I need... :/ 

Ordered from Qoo10 and the seller was based in Korea but Qxpress sure is fast! So I gotten this within 4 working days. And surprise! 
The packaging is exact to the retail ones and I gotten the shade in No. 13 True Beige because my skin is a little dull and this shade is brighter/fairer which is excellent!

For $39.80, I got the Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control] pact with the product already inside. Plus! 
An additional refill so it's super worth it to buy this!

The BB cushion is in a baby blue packaging and is so sleek yet elegant and lightweight to carry around. However, it looks a tad bulky but I don't mind because I don't find a need to carry my BB products around.

Inside you get a little place to hold your puff and an in-built mirror to help you apply your BB product on! I like how the mirror is a good enough size just in case you are bringing this out on a staycation/overseas trip and need a mirror.

It is also tamper-free and you have to peel apart the white sticker before you can get to the actual product! 
I couldn't wait to use this product so this is actually pictures from the very day I gotten it.

I have used the Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control] for ages, almost a month now and there is still quite a fair amount left. I like how the whole concept works!
You take your puff which is a sponge-like thing, and you press against this other huge sponge soaked with the BB product, and just apply on your face.
The puff does not absorb any product so you can be sure that you're getting it all!

The huge sponge is made of tiny very porous holes that allow for the product to be dispensed onto your sponge with a light squeeze. 

The shade is in No. 13, although there is other shades to complement your skin tone. I like how natural it blends into my skin, almost as if you're having nothing on. Had to strain to even catch sight of where it is after I took a picture so I drew a heart so you guys can see!

My blue puff! And the product I got with a squeeze! 
The puff comes with every refill for hygiene purpose, although you can get extra puff from Etude House (they have pink sobs)

Hello ugly me. 
This is an unfiltered, unedited and raw photo of my dull skin, oily nose and a little spot. 

And this is me plus the Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control]. No extra powder just a touch of concealer to mask my pimple scarring. 

What I like about this is:
- No breakouts!
- Really does live up to its' claim of controlling oily pores for a whole day
- Really nice scent when applied (smells so good I could sniff the packaging like a druggie)
- Looks very natural and lightweight because of the consistency of the product

I would actually say that this isn't a BB cream but a liquefied BB product because of its' consistency and the ability for your skin to absorb it at an astounding rate. Do I love it?! Of course, doesn't look cakey and the coverage is buildable.  

What is not so good?
- Bulky packaging (not a problem with me)
- Does not minimize the appearances of pores
- Might be a little unhygienic
  (because you use the same puff..but technically you're applying on clean face so......)

I think really that's all the not so good that I can find about this. Also the product can get a little hard to dispense from the sponge because gravity pulls the liquefied BB down and you have to squeeze a little harder. Nothing to worry about because you can flip the sponge around and around to get everything out of it! HURHURHUR!

Will I repurchase? 
Definitely! I think this has the potential to become one of my most favorite BB product and I give the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion two thumbs up. Like I keep boasting it about it until mumsy wanted to give it a try. She stole my other tiny sample. 

You can buy it from Qoo10 here!

Have you tried any similar BB Cushion product? This concept is so famous now and I would love to know what is worth giving a try or which products do you think could be a cheaper alternative to the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion! :3

Stay Beautiful Always!
Amanda Misaki Sea


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