Tuesday, 11 November 2014

#355; Sleek Makeup Face Form in Light - Swatches

When I first encountered Luxola, I thought it was pretty unbelievable that you could actually order cosmetics online. I look through their offerings and gotten myself two new palettes from Luxola. One of which is the Sleek Makeup Face Form in the shade light, the star of today's blog post!

Sleek Makeup is pretty popular in US. And I have read countless reviews on their makeup products but what drove me to get this was because Carousell sellers sold palettes like this for wayyy more expensive, so I decided to just get my makeup from Luxola

The Sleek Makeup Face Form is a contouring and blush palette and contains 20g of product. 
It is pretty lightweight and easily carried around but I was more worried that the shade I gotten would be unsuitable for my skin tone. 

The Sleek Makeup comes in a very.. need I say, "Sleek" matte-black packaging that is small yet sturdy!

I like the overall presentation of the Face Form palette but I found that it is a little difficult to open the palette. 
This can be both a good and bad thing depending on your preference.

For SGD$22, you get a sizeable amount of contour, highlighter and blusher. 
The palette has an in-built mirror which spans the other half of the palette. 
I find this really handy when you're on the go and need a good mirror to apply your makeup. 

I had to redo my swatches because they didn't turn out that nicely on my hands, so I decided to swatch the palette on my wrists, which is a closer representation of my complexion. 
I labelled the three swatches accordingly and this was taken under harsh fluorescent lighting.

Under normal room lighting, the contour is much more visible and the swatch above was from 4-5 swipes of the palette. It is definitely a build-able shade depending on your skin tone.
A little goes a long way for the highlight and I love how the palette give me the appearance of a higher nose bridge! 
The blush is a sheer shimmer pink-coral tone which is really beautiful. I read reviews that claims this is a dupe for NARS blush in the shade Orgasm, although I am not sure how far this claim stands true. 

A closer look at the palette. 
If I had to choose one shade from the Sleek Makeup Face Form palette, I would definitely choose the blusher shade. The blush is really appropriate for the slightly cold weather because of its' sheer glitter. 
I find myself reaching for this compared to the MAC blusher in Peachykeen, which I reviewed not too long ago. 

Do I love the Sleek Makeup Face Form palette in Light? Yes I do!
The palette is definitely very convenient as you get 3-in-1. Also, the whole effect of the palette when used together is subtle and natural! My only qualms would be the contour, picking up the product with a small brush and contouring my nose bridge, I find that the lines might be a little harsh. Maybe its my brush? But I had no such problem with my other contour shade.

You can order the Sleek Makeup Face form in other shades from this link!

Also, here's your good reason to shop at Luxola, you get discount coupons on your first order with them and they offer free shipping on orders above SGD$10! I like how they carry many overseas brands so I can try so many new product without burning a hole in my pocket!
They also ship overseas, so shop away!

Have you tried any Sleek Makeup products? 
I would love to know what I should try out next!

Stay beautiful!
Amanda Misaki Sea


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