Saturday, 15 November 2014

#356; A little piece of me

There has been a whole barrage of makeup reviews that I haven't had time to put in my personal touch! 
So here is a little piece of me and the stuff that has been happening in my life. 
I am getting a little more hits on my blog now that I have started to focus on makeup/beauty related topics so thank you!

Here are snippets of my life through pictures and I hope I look back on them one day with a smile. They might be boring, but I don't think I have much to regret because it is a decision that I chose at that point of time. And I hope I read this paragraph when I feel down and out, and remember that there are also good days with the bad. 

A happy dorayaki to accompany me through my lessons. 
Sometimes I get lazy to go to classes because it takes me 1 hour to prepare and 1 hour to travel to a 3 hour class. But learning new stuff and hanging out with my university friends makes things bearable and much more worthwhile. University may be stressful for some, but I feel pretty relaxed and yet I feel properly educated. I don't feel like I am losing out just because I am in a private university. True, I don't have internships and camps, but I already experienced that in Polytechnic. 
And those days in Polytechnic will remain with me as they teach me invaluable lessons that a normal education can't provide. 

Boyfriend bought me this tiny Rilakkuma car that I have been pining for, for ages!
I first saw this car online and it cost $30+ not inclusive of shipping and of course, I am not going to fork out that much money for a tiny toy car so I decided to just forget about it. 
But I saw this at Takashimaya toys department and it was only SGD$9.95. Of course he had to get it for me so here is my new ride.
I was exhilarated! The car is super sturdy and the details on this is absolutely stunning, I bring it almost everywhere cause it adds a whimsical touch to my photos so you will definitely see my kuma car here and there. I am still thinking if I should get the white korilakkuma car to complete my car collection. ;>

It isn't about how expensive a present is, its the meaning behind that little something and the thought that really matters. 

Finally tried llaollao for the first time with Chubby Cheeks and this was awesome! 
My favorite outlet to frequent would be the Plaza Singapore outlet and I would usually order the muesli with chocolate cause it is so good. *heart-shaped eyes* 
What's your fav?

Because my boyfriend is super awesome, it wasn't any special occasion but he came to fetch me from classes and bought these two for me! He wanted to buy an exclusive Pandora 2014 club charm but I didn't fancy the way it sat on my bracelet so we picked these two together. No regrets!

My beautiful Pandora and nails. Speaking of red nails, the red nails were a nightmare to get rid of. They made me look like I just butchered something and dipped my fancy claws into the poor creature guts... :/ Vivid imagery? Not apologetic because red is my favorite color to wear on my nails.

And finally trying out Manna Story for the first time with my sister. 
Her saba fish was good but mine was okay only :/ Price is ok although a little bit pricey, but you get four free side dishes!

I finally decided to cut my hair and its way more shorter now but much more manageable! 
So in love with my new length and it looks less frizzy. I had my hair trimmed and washed when I went to JB the other day. Went there to shop and came home with so many essentials plus Lang Leav new book - Lullaby. 

And I finally gotten a chance to enjoy some quality family time so here we are at East Coast Park cycling and enjoying the wind, sunlight and beautiful view.

More pictures!
I haven't had a family outing in ages and it just feels so good to kick back and relax and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. I miss the camping trips that my family used to take but I guess we just sort of outgrew it as time passes and that's sad. 

Another present from Chubby. 
He pampers me all too much. And I love him, not because of presents but because of the care and concern he gave me. Because I am not the easiest person to love with all my insecurities and what not but he is the one who tolerates all the mood swings, all the trust issues and all the stuff I ever thrown at him.

And a quote from Lang Leav - Lullaby. 
Although I am not a writer, I guess this rambling of a blog isn't a markings of a true writer, but I am sensitive as do all girls. I write the stories that I live through and my pages gets torn out and drawn on but he is still my hero. And I guess at the end of the day, that's what really matters, how the rest of the book ends out and not the past. 
So, start each day with a fresh new page, don't carry the scribbles from the past to the future. 

Feeling so quote-ish today!
You guys can call me *dons sunglasses* Poet Amanda. 

With Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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