Sunday, 30 November 2014

#359; {Lust to Lush} i-Fairy Missy Rose Grey

I just finished a stressful exam that went surprisingly well. So in between studying for the next exam, I got down to some dress up because nothing is better at lifting my mood then dolling myself up! And guess what arrived just right in my mailbox... beautiful lenses from Lust to Lush

I chose this pair of lenses from their wide selection of brands, colors and designs!
This pair are the i.Fairy Missy Rose lenses in the color grey. 
I love the pastel fairy tale themed vials that the lenses are packaged in, it really is so pretty and I just had to keep them being the hoarder I am. 

With cutesy teddy bear, cupcakes and little rocking horses, the lenses already stole my heart even before I could try them on. 
And on the caps, they even have a pretty golden crown! 
Makes me feel so much like a princess.

Under normal room lighting, these lenses are still very noticeable! The enlarging effect is really good because these are 16mm but what will win me over, is comfort. 
And these are definitely very comfortable! I can wear these all day long and have no problem with dryness. 

So rest assured when you buy from Lust to Lush because their lenses are definitely authentic and really the best shop to get your lenses from.

Under bright lighting, the lenses are really beautiful and the black ring surrounding the lenses is actually a brown! 
The lenses have a slight pattern to it that gives it depth, so pretty~

A close up shot of the lenses and the makeup I did to complement them. It was for a Christmas season pictorial that I planned to post up some time soon. 
But the focus would be on the beautiful lenses!

My verdict: I love these lenses! Love them to bit!
I was afraid they would be too hard to blend in and therefore opted for the grey instead of other colors but after trying them on, I would definitely love to try all the other colors in the i-Fairy Missy Rose series!

These are the December price list for Lust to Lush and their prices are really pocket friendly.
Start stocking up for your lenses for the coming new year because... Lust to Lush is rewarding you!
Get a free pair of lenses when you purchase 10 pairs so combine forces with your friends! :D

They are closing their preorder on 10 December so don't miss out this rare opportunity!

Lust to Lush is definitely the best place to get your lenses so shop away now! 

Amanda Misaki Sea


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