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#360; Etude House Rosy Tint Lips - #8 After Blossom

I am back with a new review after a few hectic and busy week of exams, buzzing around and even travelling abroad. It's good to be back in home sweet Singapore and although I will always complain, I still love this country passionately. I guess you just have to accept the good points with the bad and change your perspective on the way things are in order to embrace what you've already had. I digress.

Without any further delay, lets dwell into the new product that will be featured today!

Featuring the Etude House Rosy tint lips that I hauled from a while back, ever since then, this is one of my go-to lip product that I honestly tote around everywhere.
I've read many reviews before making the big decision to purchase it, like I do for all my other beauty products and I admit that I had my doubts about the whole product which I will get to it, later on.

For now, let's take a moment to appreciate just how gorgeous the packaging is, a beautiful rose dolly against big roses, Etude House really takes the cake when it comes to all things princess-y and pink.

Upon opening the pretty packaging, out slip a little tube that is strangely disappointing.
The design of the whole Etude House Rosy tint Lips did not feature a cute montage of roses and it is pretty easy to see why this didn't garner the fancy of many other people. 
But I will not judge a book by its cover and so here I am!

The Etude House Rosy tint lips packaging is shaped like those child-sized tube of paint where you had to squeeze the colors out. A pretty interesting concept, considering that you don't see this at all in the market. 
The color of the tube will reflect the shades that you choose. I chose the #8 After Blossom which is supposedly the darkest shade in the range. 

The applicator is a sponge-like tip that catches product and spreads it evenly so as to create a gradient lip effect. This is supposedly easy to create a very simple gradient lips that is all the rage... But the trend just doesn't suit me. 

To dispense the product, simply squeeze the tube till it comes out from the top. 
I have to say that it is pretty easy to dispense it although a few reviews that I've read, have claimed that it is difficult to squeeze. 
However, I foresee such a problem when you're reaching the last few ml, but nothing a pair of scissors and a lip brush won't do. 

And here are my lips!
A little better without all the chapping but still dry and very wrinkly. 

And with the product on! 
I love how pretty After Blossom is. 
I would describe it as a berry-pink tone that has hints of purple, the Etude House Rosy Tint lips goes on matte and has a mild rose scent when applied. Application is also easy but takes a little practice to make sure that it doesn't go all over the place but otherwise, this is a product that you can grow to love. 

The downside of it being matte is that it can be a tad bit drying so be sure to exfoliate as you won't want flakes of skin to show up. 
Unlike other matte lip product, this doesn't sit heavily and it is easy to forget you are using anything on your lips until of course, your lips start flaking in protest when its dry. 

Here I am in a past post using the Etude House Rosy tint lips in After Blossom. 
I love how it can last through food and even drinks although it does fade to a tint. 
Be sure to reapply as and when because the product does not fade uniformly, meaning you are gonna end up with a line of product around your lips. 

Otherwise, you are good to go!

Would I repurchase this?
Probably not, because there are other greater lipsticks out there and I am still looking for the Holy Grail of all lipsticks. I would choose this when I want a subtler yet bold look because of its shade and the matte-ness of the Rosy tint lips. But so far, I am using a heck load of the product just because it is supposedly "winter" and darker lip colors are the in thing. 

You can purchase them from Etude House, I got mine at the flagship store and they costed me about SGD$18? If I remembered correctly. 

Would you try this or have you tried other shades in this line? What are your sworn-to lipstick? I would love to know so leave me a comment down below and I may just review them in my next post!

Stay Beautiful!
Amanda Misaki Sea


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