Sunday, 21 December 2014

#361; Etude House Eyeliner Brush (320)

If you have been following my blog closely, my all time favorite eyeliner would have to be a gel liner. Ever since I discovered the E.L.F Cream eyeliner in brown, I have never turned back to black liquid liner unless absolutely necessary. 

However, the downside of any gel liner would have to be the crappy brushes that they give to let you put on the product. So I am always on the look out for better quality brushes that do not burn a hole in my pocket but still gives me the results that I want. After all, you really only want your eye liner to be flick af. 

Headed down to Etude House flagship store at Wisma Atria and immediately spotted their array of beautiful makeup brushes, I knew I just had to have one. So I gotten the eyeliner brush in code 320. 
The packaging is different from the old eyeliner brush I used to get from them and in a good way too!

I forgotten how much the Etude House Eyeliner brush in 320 cost me but I knew that it was affordable enough for me to buy a few more if the need arises. 

The old eyeliner brush was in full black and was slightly angled. The brush was stiff and in all honest opinion, very prickly and stiff. 
So when I bought this, I was prepared to have my eye irritated when breaking in the new brush.

The Etude House eyeliner brush in 320 came in a soft pastel pink and paired with a beautiful regal shade of matte gold. 
The whole brush exudes a sense of royalty and it is definitely fitting for Etude House's goal to make you feel and look like a princess. So far, the brush has only impressed me with everything it has gotten.

The bristles of the brush is synthetic but soft enough so that I had a kindle of hope that it would not cause the same pain as the older versions. 
Instead of the angled brush, I gotten the one which is slightly rounded because I find that I worked best with these type of brush. 

Putting the brush to the test, I took out my handy e.l.f cream eyeliner, which I have not yet finished and has not dry up since Year 2 of poly. #BestLinerEver

The Etude House Eyeliner Brush in 320 picked up a sizable amount of product and I find that I need only pick up eyeliner from the pot thrice, in order to get both eyes lined to perfection. In fact, after application, I could still clean the brush and have some residue. 

As seen above on my hand, the brush can be used to draw thin to thick line and the precision is pretty darn good! I can't say the same if I were to try the same thing with an angled brush, again, that type of brush is just not my cup of tea. 

Of course, don't expect to get a super thin eye line because a gel liner does not mean straight crisp lines that could cut through paper. That's why it is more forgiving and perfect for a sloth like me who likes to sleep in but still want close to perfect makeup. 

Me trying to pose for a picture. 
Got look a tad professional?

The Etude House Eyeliner brush in 320 is soft and really very comfortable to use on my eye unlike the older versions. It also glides smoothly through your lids without tugging and create close to perfect straight lines if you practice a few times. 

My completed eye makeup for today and for a gel liner, I think it is really pretty perfect imo. 

Has the Etude House Eyeliner brush in 320 impressed me? 
Yes it has. I am a convert now. I love the new packaging and soft bristles of the brush and I honestly don't think I could find a better brush for the same price. In fact, the kiasu Amanda wanted to just buy a bunch of the brushes and store them just in case... 

Whole look of the day. 
I strongly recommend the Etude House Eyeliner Brush in 320 if you are a gel liner user or just want to start out with your very first eyeliner product. This is perfect for beginner and I have used this for a few months now and have not have any complaints about it. 

I'd rate this a 4.5/5 just because it is really value for money and by far the most cutest brush I have ever own. 
You can head on to Etude House flagship store at Wisma Atria to look at their wide range of brushes and I am aiming for a few new additions to my collection. Now if only they sell a pretty Etude House themed brush holder... 

Or do they have that already?!


Let me know if you are a gel liner addict, a liquid liner addict or just love makeup brushes because it makes you feel like a makeup artist deep down. Come on ladies, we know you do feel that way!

Stay beautiful!
Amanda Misaki Sea


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