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#362; WCWT - Hopping about

I've been feeling down and about for awhile now and really thank the Chubby one to suggest that we should go cafe hopping. The last time we did just that was so long ago that I don't even remember it anymore. So of course, I was super keen on that idea.

I researched and decided that we should go somewhere pretty accessible because the weather in Singapore is unpredictable and I didn't want to lug an umbrella if it rains all of a sudden. We took a bus from my house and located the two cafe within a few minutes.

First up we went to The marshmallow tree.
Chubby went cray-cray over the plants and grass patches that adorn the cafe and we both agreed that the ambience is really good and you can feel at home in it.

On a sign board placed near the entrance to the cafe, is the gourmet marshmallow for the season. Apparently the Marshmallow tree are famous for their different flavoured marshmallow although we didn't get a chance to try them.

Adorning the entire cafe is whimsical vintage items which just adds to the mood of the whole place. I especially love the vintage looking lamp post.

What will draw your attention when you first step in would be the chalkboard wall where you are free to leave a mark and a beautiful garden swing which I didn't get the chance to snap a picture of. 
This whole place will make you feel like you're one with nature even though you're all snug inside with a cup of hot chocolate. I can see how it will really help one to cast all their worries aside.

We staked a claim on their gigantic wooden communal table after placing our orders at the counter and took picture of the very apt "marshmallow tree" as the centre piece of the table. 

Chubby Cheeks' cake came first. He chose the hazelnut buttercream cake. 
Served on a beautiful plate, we wonder whether it will lived up to its expectation. 
And... it didn't. 

The first few bites of the cake left us utterly disappointed. What was to be a hazelnut cake had no inkling of a "nutty" taste at all because the taste of butter was overwhelmingly strong. To the point that all we had as an aftertaste was butter. No description about the fluffiness of the cakes between layer because we were just too abject by the buttery aftertaste. 

I ordered the lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream was an add-on for almost $3 extra :o

And since I gave myself the title of a chocolate connoisseur, my standards for the lava cake was pretty darn high. 
The marshmallow tree lava cake is moist and soft, unlike the cake that Chubby Cheeks chose, this didn't possess a distinct butter taste so all is good. The cake was easy to cut into and even easier to chomp happily on. Mixing it with ice cream was pure bliss. 
But the most important part of a lava cake is its melty chocolate core and I admit I was a tad bit disappointed with it. The chocolate used was good but it was a little "diluted", if they used a different much thicker and heavier chocolate it would have given the cake more dimensions.

A warm drink is the best way to complement cakes and so I ordered the Hot Chocolate while Chubby Cheeks had his blood orange italian soda *no picture*.
He didn't like it because it was just soda with orange food colouring, no traces of "blood orange" in it. In fact he hated it. 

As for my hot chocolate, the first thing I did immediately after taking photos, were to stir the froth and I realized how thin and diluted the hot chocolate was. 
It tasted like a more chocolate version of milo and there wasn't even a strong chocolate taste. With all other hot chocolate that I ordered from all other cafes, the chocolate used was aromatic, sweet and extremely thick. This didn't please me one bit.

The only redeeming factor of the marshmallow tree would be their roasted marshmallow with the slightly crisp "skin" and the gooey melty insides. I was pining for more and you get a free stick of marshmallow with each drink you order. 

Overall; I love the decor and the ambience. I love the marshmallow because it was that good but I didn't like the hot drinks and the cakes I chosen. Although I can't say the same for the other cakes and drinks that I did not picked out. I would probably visit again to try their lemon meringue but overall, I am not impressed with the marshmallow tree. 
This was a hype-up place but the drinks and cakes served did not live up to that expectation in contrast to the other cafes I have been to. They have to do more than just pretty decor. 
If they don't buck up their game, other cafes in the area would dominate them. And there are A LOT of cafes in Telok Blangah area.

46 Telok Blangah Drive, #01-85

The next cafe we visited was a place that boasted of their gourmet cakes and pastries. 
Featuring Out of the Cake Box, which is a block away from the marshmallow tree. With a crisp black and white design, simple wooden tables and vintage blue and white tiles, this place exudes an air of elegance and beauty in its simplicity. 

Because it was nearing Christmas, the shop owners placed a Christmas tree to set the mood of festivities. 

When we stepped in, we were amazed at the simple layout. 
Just two tables with chairs, so be sure to come at a non-peak timing or get your cakes to-go, they also do catering of cakes and pastries so be sure to check out their menu.
Out of the Cake Box has a wide selection of cakes although they do sell out pretty fast, when we got there, we took our picks and I was lucky to still have a chance to taste.... 

The Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake. 
Sorry, but chocolate are my weak spot. It always has been and will be. 
The serving shocked both me and Chubby because this cake was huge! 

Featuring rich chocolate and moist mousse in between this cake was a joy to have and I would die to get my hands on a slice of this again. Everything about this cake was the epitome of bliss and it was chocolate paradise. A definite must-try for the die hard chocoholic. 

Chubby ordered the Millionaire's tart which didn't look like much but tasted so good. 
It is a tart that has both chocolate and a wonderful caramel filling. 
Overall, each bite of this tart never failed to disappoint and blogging about this at 1:42am makes me crave for it. 

Chubby Cheeks ordered a hazelnut coffee (?).
Seriously Chubby, you should stop the whole hazelnut obsession. Ughs. 
The coffee was friggin good so plus points on that. It was a perfect blend of coffee and you can really taste the hazelnut in this. This was the perfect cuppa coffee to complement the cake and tart we ordered and we were not disappointed. 

Besides the wide selection of various luxuriously aromatic coffee blends, Out of the Cake Box also sold the ever so-famous Arizona tea which we got to-go. 

The cafe was a pleasant surprise and the owner of Out of the Cake Box is a very friendly woman who offered to let us try samplers of the various cakes available there. She is patient, kind and amicable with all the walk-in customers. 

Overall; I would love to come here again! It doesn't take a cafe with a whole lot of decor and a whole lot of space to garner the attention of people. Sometimes simplicity is best, especially in the case of Out of the Cake Box. And nothing beats having a wonderful slice of chocolate cake in a cosy little cafe. 

Block 45, Telok Blangah Drive, #01-173

The two Chubbies and their very satisfied dessert-filled tummies. 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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