Friday, 2 January 2015

#363; {Lust to Lush} EOS Fay Pink

Happy new year! 
And what better way to start the new year with a new pair of lenses to review! After all, girls need to doll themselves up. 
These pair of circle lenses that I will be reviewing are sponsored by Lust to Lush and you can check them out on their Facebook page

I chose this pair of EOS Fay Pink lenses to review for the month of January cause I thought it would be nice to have a little change in color from my normal grey and browns. 
The fay pink lenses remind me of nudy lenses although the colors are definitely much more vivid.

Kooky brows and funky eyes because I took this in direct sunlight. 
The colors are a beautiful pink and almost appear purplish under other lighting conditions. 
I love how the outer ring isn't too thick and I feel it blends pretty naturally when worn as compared to other pink lenses that I've worn. 

// In fact I think it looks really pretty with its glass-like pattern.

Under harsh lighting, yes the pink color is definitely noticeable. 
I get many praises for my eyes when I wear them and I feel so proud la. Can I earn money as an eye model? Please?

Friends from school tell me that pink is my color and my parents told me that my eye look very "ang moh". Hurhur.

Enlargement, need I say more?
These tiny beany asian eyes need to maintain. 

When I first gotten these pair of lenses and I tried them on, I was pretty shocked at how distinctly "pink" this is. And I was so afraid I couldn't pull it off. 

But I did my normal makeup and put them on again and they look perf. 
They are also so comfortable that I can wear them everyday and they only get dry after 6 hours of extended wear but then again, my eyes are problematic because they are slightly drier. Especially when I wear them to school and have to study really hard. I do study hard okaaaay

I love love love these pair of lenses! 
And I really truly love Lust to Lush service. Even though this is a sponsored advert/review, I shop with them a few times prior to this and I never have to worry about any single thing. I simply place my order and wait patiently for it to arrive. 
Mailing is superbly fast and the owner is friendly and always update me on my order status. Best yet, they never mixed up my order! 

I have my fair share of bad experiences with other blogshops and the lenses they offer are either too dry for my eyes (not sure authentic or not) or they messed up my order and it totally sucks cause you have to wait for it and preorder waiting time is looooonnnnggggg. 

// horror story side note: bought a pair of lenses from some blogshop and they friggin tore in my eye and the ink came out... #cheaplensesNOTsafe 

So Lust to Lush really is the most trustable and reliable blogshop I've ever had the fortune to come across!

If you want pretty shiny eyes, new lenses for school or even a new pair for the upcoming CNY/Valentine's day then you have to order from this round of preorder in order to receive them in time!
The prices are very affordable and definitely worth every cent. 

Go shop at Lust to Lush now and have pretty eyes with me!

Stay Beautiful,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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