Wednesday, 7 January 2015

#364; Here's to a new year

I wanted to blog more makeup and reviews but I figured that can wait because this is a slice of me for now. It has been six days since the start of 2015 and I am all angst-y over some family matter. I tell myself not to be bothered by it and to emit good vibes because it is a new year and because I still have people to love and cherish me. And I am thankful for that.

A little recap for 2014. 
It might get wordy. 

I am thankful for my mum. The sacrifices she made for us and the unwavering love and care that she has showered me throughout my 20 years of life. The year of 2014, I became her pillar of support and the rock to which she knows she can always rely on. And I hope I can make it up to her as time passes. She has been through so much and her face and hair has the tell-tale sign of old age and weariness. I never want to see her upset and I will try hard to make her proud. 

Admitting the fact that I am strongly dependent on my mother is one thing, but admitting that I do take her for granted at times is another. I only wish that as I hit 21, I will be much more mature and stable and truly know how to stand on my own two feet. 

The next person to be grateful for would have to be my sister. She has been cheering me up with funny pictures and quotes. Sharing my obsession with pugs and quirky things. Although we have our ups and downs and our quibbles and quarrels, we always come out of it smiling and laughing. She doesn't do well with emotional words and phrases and hates to show her true feelings. But she is a wonderful sister to have and I couldn't ask for a better person to call my sister. 
I love you syg ;}

I don't think I can find a better person to love than Chubby Cheeks. Yes, he has his flaws and he has his weaknesses. But I like to focus on all the good things about him instead. He is my personal punching bag and I know that I never do have the prettiest temper so I am especially thankful for his' tolerance to the bullshit I've given him for almost three years. I am a strong headed person and he bears the brunt of most of my tantrum. Sorry Jubs! He constantly pampers me and better himself for the sake of our future. I know that he is under a tremendous amount of stress but he will always find a way to cheer me up even when he is down. 
Thank you and I love you Jovin Yeo. 

Now onto more personal photo spams. 
Here's what I managed to pilfer from my extensive collection of photos and they best describe my 2014 in a nutshell. No picture of my mum and sister because I believe they wouldn't want to appear here :x

I like this photo of myself because the cat was a gift from my dad. It is sad how much we drift away from each other and there seem to be a rift that I can't seem to fix. 

Selca during the Chinese New Year. That year was the most enjoyable new year because we are all older and more responsible so we can stay out later. Sneak into pubs and have supper at 4am in the morning. I also had tamable hair then and this was the first few months of a life with curls.

I miss the gossip session with my cousin and catching up with one another feels so good. There will never be a dull moment with them around.

First time getting flowers from Chubby Yeo and a beautiful starbucks card... Which I lost. fml. really. 
And the Naked 3 palette which was at the top of my wishlist. 
This was the first time we celebrated Valentine's day together and it really made me feel so happy to be able to do so. 

Us together. 2014 was our second year together!

Started work in an insurance company and I feel very loved and at home among the staffs there. Made many new friends that I know I will keep for life and celebrated my birthday with them. I can't wait for the day we can all go overseas together!

Also graduated from Polytechnic and started university at Kaplan. 

Had a good staycation at W Hotel before heading to my very first classes of University. 
I also bought my first bikini top and feel very insecure about my body but it is a start to a more confident me!

Discovered my love for Somersby Apple Cider and for nail wraps that because they are so so easy and good to use!

My first llaollao experience 

The time I fell in love with Gardenia herb wraps *heart-shaped eyes*

My first time at Manna Story although I wasn't impressed.

And my new obsession with TWG Macarons. I love these so much. I want more :<
They cheer me up so good. 

Gotten my first car. 
I kid. 
Meet my rilakkuma car which I am super super proud of because Chubby Cheeks got this for me! And I really wanted this for quite awhile but couldn't find it.

Finally going cycling with my family as a family. It is rare for us to spend quality time like this with one another and such time together make me miss everything about my childhood.
I wish for more. 

Fell in love with Lang Leav and bought her second book while on a day trip to Johor. 
A good book of mesmerizing spells and lullabies to accompany my dreams. 

More photos of us cause we are almost always together. 

Fell in love with darker tone lipsticks and I can't live without them. 
Had a bad experience with an especially drying one and learn a good lesson that brand cannot be trusted. 

Visited Chubby at his previous workplace and he made me a drink! 

Chubby Cheeks bought me a Pandora bow ring and I quickly fell in love with Pandora. 
I bought the bracelet and a few charms for myself and the Princess tiara charm was the first one he got for me. I want to finish a bracelet before I do a blog post on the significance of the various charms I have accumulated on my bracelet now!

And ending this blog post with the sweetest not our face photo of us. 

Goodbye 2014.
I look forward to more beautiful memories in 2015.

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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