Thursday, 22 January 2015

#366; OPI Berlin There Done That

I've been busy!
It is almost the end of my semester which means pretty soon I will be on a hiatus until after the exams but I will try to blog as and when I possibly can. Today's blog post is on a new OPI nail color I recently gotten. I wanted to try a new shade because I am always sporting pink/nude colors on my nails. And I thought what better way to herald the new year with a new shade.

Featuring the OPI Berlin There Done That! 
Okay, so I don't keep up to trend with the massive range of OPI nail colors because they always seem to be coming up with new colors every season. Is that even possible?! 
I like the name play and this is a color that I have never tried before. 
Price: SGD$10 from *scape

Although it's the new year and we are supposed to welcome spring with warm colors, I still believe that one can pull off a cool-toned nail color. Hey, Chinese New Year is about a month away so I've still got some time to revel in my "wintry" indulgences!

OPI Berlin There Done That appears grey but looks almost a pale lavender under certain lighting.
Having said that, this nail polish is extremely wearable and doesn't appear too flat and dull.

Horrible nail painting because I am not a polish addict. 
Under this lighting its a grey but you really have to test it on your fingers, in order to see the hint of lavender. 
Originally, I wanted to get a beige color but couldn't find the shade I wanted. So instead, I gotten the OPI Berlin There Done That and haven't regretted since!
I love how I can pull off the greige tone, which is something I never thought I could do. 

I love this shade so much, that it's on my toenails now. 
I never did love OPI for some reason, because they chipped easily but I had this on for quite some time before I did this review and it lasted pretty ok for a polish before some chips started appearing. 

This is a polish I will re-wear again and again because I love it to bits!

Application was also simple because of the brush. 
Although it took me two coats to get the shade in the picture. Sometimes it gets a little uneven and it's recommended for you to go the whole three coats just in case!

I am too lazy for that. And I wanted to take an afternoon nap.. So.... 

My only qualms about this? 
A little watery and streaky but love the color.

No photos of my face but plenty of my hands. 

Thanks to Chubby Cheeks for splurging on this color for me! 
The OPI Berlin There Done That has certainly made it to my favorite list of polishes and I will definitely be wearing the heck out of them closer to December...  ;A; Why you so far away?

And ending this post with a little cheer-up before the working/schooling week ends! 
I would definitely gobble him up if he was real. 
*insert drooly face*

Stay Beautiful,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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