Tuesday, 27 January 2015

#367; Here We Come! Hong Kong Day 1

I can't believe I never really blog about this, much less tweet about my trip. It was an impromptu trip planned for my holidays in December and I was really glad to be able to go to Hong Kong with my family. I don't really get to go on holidays with them because of my polytechnic and now, university schedule. So I appreciate all the family time I can get.

Once my final papers ended, I had to pack and prepare for my trip. Since Singapore is pretty cool and chilly in December, I thought Hong Kong would be more or less the same and so I only packed a few pullover, jackets and even thought to bring a dress and skirt.

My flight is in the early morning and I was so tired because I went out with Chubby Cheeks the day before. 
Reached Terminal 3 and there is such a dreamlike castle in there. 
It's their promotion for Disney/Mickey&Minnie. 
I didn't get to take a picture in front of the castle because I was dress for "bed".

Of course I didn't get to catch any winks on the flight there because I was too busy watching movies on the SQ entertainment system. Ughs.

We reached Hong Kong Airport Terminal in the late afternoon, ate a little and proceeded to walk around before taking a cab to the hotel. 
Look at their Swarovski Christmas tree! So sparkly and bling and this photo does not do it any justice at all. 

We took a cab and finally reached the hotel. 
I admit I was pretty shocked that all the flats and building in the city areas were so close together and a little old. I guess I never did watch enough Hong Kong drama. 

The tiny swimming pool that came with the hotel. 
The weather was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G. 
I never expected it to be this cold and it would have to be the coldest country I've ever been to. 
Normal temperature ranges from 16 degrees to about as low as 12 degrees at night. And to think I packed skirts and dresses.... :/

Haggard looking me and my room! 
It is pretty small so I get to share a room with my sister. The bathroom walls are translucent which is a little bit of a problem. 
Not because we are shy but because we keep the bathroom lights on and it will definitely shine through those walls like a beacon ... fml. 

Prepared and layered up because the temperature just got colder. I wore Chubby Cheeks super comfy Topman jacket.
Brr... We walked around and found a nice cosy diner to take our dinner.
One thing about the restaurant and eateries in Hong Kong, if you don't order anything, you would have to pay a fee because you are taking up "valuable customer" space. I guess with the cramped and bustling life of Hong Kong, you have to pay for everything :/ A remarkable difference from Singapore. 

We ordered the Buo Luo Bun which is a specialty of Hong Kong. 
Though the butter in it was too much!

Also tried this as it came with the set meal that we ordered. 
It is milk with red bean. Not bad!

My favorite would be the claypot fish with tofu and mushroom! 
This is super good! :p
Excuse the bits of rice there. Dad beat me to it!

Fried noodles which was okay only :/

After eating we decided to explore the areas around our hotel and so we set off on foot. 
The amount of people everywhere was overwhelming. I guess I am a bit of an introvert so it really tires me to be around so many people... 
Passing by a mall we saw these adorable Pikachu figurines and snap a lot of peektures with it!

Around the shopping malls you would find actual housing estates and lots of shops below it like Sasa and Etude House. I went around the shops looking to see if things would be slightly cheaper but it was more or less the same as Singapore so I didn't get anything on the first day. 

However.... I saw Pandora!!!
*Heart-shaped eyes* 
So many people were crowding in the store buying the newly launched Christmas collection.

Right outside the shop, I also spotted the Pandora Carousel which is so damn pretty. 
It is inspired by their night sky theme and has the cutest little details. So much effort.
Why can't we have this in Singapore?!

The little santa orb. I would love to take more photos but my dad was rushing me. Ughs. 

And the prettiest horse. 
Of course the carousel is just for show and cannot carry any kids/adult but it actually spins!
Around the nape of the horse hangs different christmas ornaments also styled after their collection. Too kewt.
I didn't buy anything just because I didn't exchange that much. 

Dad wanted to exchange money so we walked really far to the money changers with the best rates but there were so many Indian nationals there and most of them were drunk and leered at me. It was pretty scary because some of them tried to reach out and touched me. Why u like dis people?

We walked so much in the span of a few hours that I fell onto my hotel bed exhausted. 
I woke up in the middle of the night freezing and proceeded to layer myself up in five pieces of clothing and about two pairs of pants. ugh.

That's all for Day 1! I will try to upload Day 2 a few days from now because I am really busy preparing for my mid term exams. OH GAWD. 

Where did you go for the holidays? I would love to hear from you! :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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