Wednesday, 4 February 2015

#370; Lust to Lush - ICK Elegant Brown

I'm back with a new circle lens review after that particularly nasty bout of eye infection! I managed to hurt my tear duct with a nightmare eye liner that I have been testing out but that is for another post.

Anyway, I am so glad I am able to open this pair of new lenses for the Chinese New Year because this pair is simply pretttttyyyy! Thank you Lust to Lush for this super pretty lenses because they are now topping my lists of favorites. This is one of their new brand and it is the ICK lenses. So far, Lust to Lush is the only place I've seen that carry this brand and the prices for this is super affordable! *heart-shaped eyes*

This is the beautiful lenses in their lens casing. Lust to Lush gave me this adorable transparent lens casing so I can see which lenses are floating in them. Just so you know, I have a bad habit of opening too many lenses at one go and having too many similar casing lying around :x

These are the ICK Elegant brown in case you decide to order them after my review :p
Which I think you just might because it really is so pretty. 

Say hello to my sleazy Asian eyes. 
I look like I'm about to sleep because of my double eyelids.

And here is the ICK Elegant Brown lenses on my eye! 
The enlarging factor is amazing. Just right without looking too odd and definitely a striking yet warm shade of brown even under normal room lighting. Yes, this is taken under normal room lighting, the color is definitely very noticeable and pigmented. 

Under harsh lighting, the color is a more warm shade of brown almost to the point of orange. The beautiful ring around the edges of the lenses are actually a darker brown and doesn't look that harsh and also helps to blend the lenses with your natural eye color. 

To the side!
Beautiful lenses that are so comfortable!

At first I admitted I had my doubts about the ICK brand because I couldn't find reviews of them anywhere!?
And when I tried them, they gotten dry almost three hours into wearing. But then I reckon it was my eyes on the verge of an infection because that's what happened shortly afterwards. And I tried them on again after getting some rest for my eyes, and these are just comfortable and a joy to wear!

I mean usually I couldn't sit through a movie without some eyedrops before, between and after the movie. But with this lenses, I could sit through a movie and a dinner before it started getting dry. 
That's almost six hours without drops! And for an eye that is usually dry, this lenses fare great!

You can get the ICK Elegant Brown lenses from Lust to Lush at only $10.50!
Buy with your friends for further discounts! Lust to Lush also offer other brands of lenses for very reasonable prices and they are really trustable. 
Like after I worn lenses for so long, I realize that you should always choose a reliable seller because it is super important. They wouldn't mess up your order and you wouldn't get eye infection from lousy lenses!
So Lust to Lush really is the best lens place to get your essentials from!

Ughs, the lenses even show up on my crappy phone front camera. LOVE IT. 
Will I get this again?! OMG Definitely.
I want to try ALL the ICK lenses from Lust to Lush!

Remember, so far they are the only blogshop that carry the ICK lenses!

Stay Beautiful,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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