Wednesday, 11 February 2015

#371; MAC Dare you Swatches x Review

I always heard how good MAC lipstick are and how they are the holy grail of the lipstick industry. I for one, have a weakness for a good red lipstick so I ended up purchasing one from the duty free on the way back from Hongkong. I didn't have time to decide what shade I wanted and just spontaneously chose a shade that appealed to me.

At first, I was so afraid it wouldn't look good on me because it took me all of 5 minutes to choose, grab and go. I know red lipstick looks relatively good on me but a darker shade of red wouldn't work all too well from experience. 

I ended up with this shade which sounded so much of a rebel but I love it to bits! Featuring the MAC Dare you. This comes from their cremesheen lipstick range and has 3g of product in the sleek lipstick tube. 

Being new to the world of MAC lipstick, I had to Google and turns out the cremesheen range actually defines what the finish is like. It is a creamy finish that doesn't compromise on the color but still gives you that shiny, kissable pout.

The lipstick packaging appears black at first glance and doesn't have any embellishments. 
However, upon closer inspection, the tube is actually a really cool metallic black which somewhat reminds me of fine glitter grey-black polish. It is just the right size to tote around and fits perfectly in my makeup pouch. 
The packaging also exudes an air of professionalism without looking "cheap". 
I can see why people swear by MAC lipsticks.

I resisted using my lipstick just so I could take this perfect picture of the bullet. 
A beautiful darker shade of red in the tube, this looks gorgeous.

And here is the code of the shade Dare You, in case you want to get it from any MAC counters. *wink*

Here is how the MAC Dare You went on my wrists. 
I would describe it as a beautiful berry color that has hints of purple in it.
The lipstick glided on smoothly and it feels lightweight.

How my cracked and super pigmented lips look like without any product on. Ughs.
Is it a wonder why I cannot live without my essential lipstick?

Under harsh lighting, the MAC Dare You appears a bold red and has an alluring shine. Almost as if I am wearing lipgloss on top of it. 
However, it doesn't have any of the heaviness and stickiness of conventional lipglosses, which makes it just the perfect formula that I've ever had the joy to come across. It glides on easily without tugging.

Application was simple and straightforward and the bullet makes it easy to apply the lipstick even at the corner of my lips. The lipstick may appear to accentuate the lines on my lips, however, it looks beautiful in real life especially when you pair it with a smile ;)

Under normal lighting this is how the MAC Dare You look like. 
A beautiful maroon, almost cherry red lipstick. This berry toned shade makes me look so much fairer. 

The MAC Dare You lasts about four to five hours without needing a touch up. The fading is uniformed and leaves a slight stain after almost all the lipstick is gone. It doesn't fade easily with water so go ahead and drink up!
I tried washing away the swatch on my wrists and had to go for the good old remover because it left a very visible stain even after rubbing with water. 

Did I also mention that this smells super good?!

I know MAC lipsticks have a tendency to smell like vanilla, which isn't my all time favorite, but this has to be the best smelling lipsticks ever. The scent isn't too overpowering and is subtle, definitely something that I can get use to and love. 

My makeup for the day. 
The MAC Dare You is definitely a very flattering and elegant color to have in your collection. 
It doesn't dry out my already dried lips and instead moisturize it. I reckon it is the formula but whatever is in there, I give it two thumbs up!

To conclude this review, I would give this a two thumbs up! Now I am not sure about other lipstick range but I definitely am loving the MAC Cremesheen so far and the shade Dare You has managed to capture my heart. I really have no qualms about this because it is close to perfect imo.
Is it the holy grail of all red lipsticks? So far, it is first on my list but I really have to try almost everything in order to pass the verdict. 

I would definitely repurchase this because it is the perfect shade for me!
Being berry toned made it perfect for the autumn-winter season but because it leans slightly to the red-side, it is also a classic color to put on all year round. 

Do you love the MAC Dare You or is there any other red lipsticks that you would love to see me try?
Let me know down below! 

Stay Beautiful, 
Amanda Misaki Sea


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