Monday, 16 February 2015

#372; Amanda's January Round-Up

It just feels like 2014 has just ended and we are already in the second month of 2015! Isn't it fast?
Before the Chinese New Year, I wanted to post up a more personal post instead of bombing this space with reviews and first impressions. But rest assure, if you love them, they will be back after the new year!

I know I don't really post up photos from my life because most of my photos are in my phone/iPad and the amount of photos I took is overwhelming! I chose out a few of my favorites from the month of January but there are still a substantial amount left over. The photos I have chosen are the few memories I cherish in January and I decided to do a mini recap for every month since this is supposedly a "journal". Let's get right down to it!

I finally caved in and gotten a Pandora Jewelry box to store my bracelet and charms when I am not wearing them because for the months since I have started my collection, I have been storing them in the boxes they come in and have spotted some tarnishing!

This box helps to combat some of the tarnishing although not all and I have more space to organize my jewelry. Maybe one of these days, I will start with a few background story of my collection so far, because I have gotten another bracelet from Chubby Cheeks :x

The month of January, Mumsy fell in love with pizza and we actually ordered Dominos for the very first time! It was awesome and I really love it! *heart shaped eyes* But of course, the extra calories weren't exactly very awesome..

The delivery was superbly fast and the person was efficient and really really punctual. Like if their website say they will deliver in 45 minutes, it will really arrive before 45 minutes or on the dot!

Went to Bugis for shopping and although I didn't get anything much from Bugis street, I did however, gotten myself a nice serving of katsu don and tempura prawns!

Mumsy gotten a midi skirt and new tops. I only gotten a skirt which I have since given to my sister because I gotten a midi skirt from Miyoc and decided that I look better in it than skater skirt. They cover my fat limbs much better and I will/might post up an ootd in my February Round-up!

The katsu don was ok-ok but the tempura was heavenly. 
Maybe I am just bias because I love tempura. Either way, I gotten my supplementary credit card, courtesy of dad and so this meal was paid by him. :x

If you haven't heard/tried St. Marc Cafe, you should totally go! Their famous chococro (chocolate-croissant) will leave you wanting more. The chocolate filling is really generous and each bite oozes with rich creamy chocolate. Besides pastry, they also have matcha ice cream/soft serve and I definitely recommend the "Little Fuji". That one must try!

The "Little Fuji" is a round croissant bun which is crispy on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside. On top of which is a generous serving of ice cream and drizzled with caramel. Sugoi~

Went over to Johor to get my hair done for the new year. Usually we don't do anything to our hair but I thought I needed a new change of color and settled for something darker toned in order to make my self seem that bit fairer. 

I went with mumsy and Chubby Cheeks. Just us three! It was quite a pleasant experience and we really enjoyed each other company! Above is the mango sago pomelo that Chubby Cheeks ordered for tea break. Yum-yum!

This is what I ordered, chocolate lava cake served with a mango ice cream that is made from real mango puree! This is really good. 
I am sorry I have such a soft spot for lava cakes. So...
Any good recommendations?

Towards the end of the month, I ordered the newest Pandora pink hearts murano. 
So here is the bracelet design that I have been wearing to bits! It is my ideal pink-themed bracelet and each piece in my collection has a back story so I can't wait to blog about them soon!

On my book of lullabies, I have a pair of Chanel earrings. Absolutely gorgeous aren't they?
And a princess-tiara ring from Hong Kong Disney land. I regretted not stocking up on all the Disney merchandise because I want them all now!
And my bracelet at the start of the month with magical unicorns and cute little terrier. 

Last food photo of this month's recap! I promise!
Tried Milkcow at The Cathay since it was a stone throw away from my school. While others were queuing up for Starbucks one-for-one, I was queuing up for my Milkcow. The waiting time was short and the soft serve was awesome! This is some peppermint one which was too overwhelming but the ice cream had to be one of the best I have ever tasted! Although I have yet to try Honey creme, I hope this taste better because it is so close to my school! xD

Chubby Cheeks tried some other flavor and I like his better than mine :/

Also gotten on the bandwagon of Chanel makeup and scored myself this brand new lipgloss from Carousell at a steal! More reviews will be up soon! I promise!

For now, that is all for the month of January!
I can't wait to share all about my February and I hope you enjoy this little recap of my first month in 2015! How did your first month went by? If you have blogged about it, I would loveee to read it! 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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