Thursday, 26 February 2015

#373; My Unforgettable Moments - Part 1

I mentioned in a previous post that I would blog about my Pandora collection so far and here it is!
My very first part of my collection. Although I feel like I have a lot of charms in it, I actually have really little charms as compared to other vivid collectors.

I remember how overrated I thought Pandora was and never really hop onto the bandwagon until mid of last year. Since then I have filled up a bracelet and am ashamed to say that I am embarking on my second one. My first item from Pandora would be a lovely bow ring from Chubby Cheeks which I adore to bits! And then I got tempted to get the bracelet and bought it with my pay from work.

Here are the first five charms that I gotten! I try to get charms that signify something in my life but I guess there are times when I cave in and get charms that are just cute and oh-so-hard to resist!

This is my first charm that I gotten.
I bought this from Carousell and was so afraid that I would get scammed but I didn't! This is an openwork and it is so pretty, flowers are one of my favorite things and this openwork charm is so delicate!

I guess what made me fall head over heels for Pandora would be this mouse in a cup!
This tiny mouse charm has so much detailing! Featuring a tiny crown and a heart shape with "Be Mine" on it, this charm appeals to my princess-side.
Cinderella was one of my favorite movies and I always wanted a mouse friend like Gus!

The next charm is one of my more extravagant splurges featuring the Unicorn! 
I figured since it was the year of the horse and please I feel special, I must get my hand on the Unicorn. I went to the store not expecting to get anything and look through the collections with Chubby Cheeks. I was actually deciding on this and the Princess Tiara Charm/Seahorse Charm but ended up with this. 

The horn of the unicorn is made with 14k Gold. Ooh. 
And again, the details on this thing is exquisite!

I bought this next charm through a reliable seller on Carousell who was doing a preorder for this. 
I managed to get a catalog from the lovely Sales Assistant at Pandora and was browsing for a new charm to add to my collection. At first I wanted something that signify my zodiac animal, dog. And was contemplating their range of zodiac dangles but my sister spotted this and I fell in love with it! Since this was set to be discontinued, I couldn't find it in any outlets and decided to preorder this from the seller I met. 

Lovely and friendly seller got me my cute little dog charm and I like to believe it is a french bulldog *heart-shaped eyes*

This upside down dangle charm was a gift from Chubby Cheeks! 
The one I eyed for so long! It was an unexpected gift and he told me he bought this on the way to work and only passed it to me the next day because we were going out on a date. It was a total surprise and I kinda expected he got me this charm when he whipped out a cute white bag with a pink ribbon. 

Engraved around the top part of the dangle is "My Princess" as I am his' forever and inlaid in the center of a tiara is a beautiful cubic zirconia. This is my one favorite charm and I try to wear it in every variation of my bracelet. 
A photo posted by Amanda Misaki Sea (@amandamisaki) on

Another shot of this beautiful tiara! 
That is all for the first part of my collection! I hope you enjoy this and I would love to know if you have any of your own or if any Pandora charms tickle your fancy~

Amanda Misaki Sea


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