Sunday, 1 March 2015

#374; The Magic Gel Polish

Hello! :D
I am back with a new product review! Now this is more of an overview than a review but nonetheless, do enjoy! The star of today's blog post is a gel polish that I've purchased a while back. I find myself enjoying gelish manicure tremendously but it is so expensive to get my nails done in nail salon so I decided to just purchase a few color and a UV lamp machine.

That being said, here is the Gel Color polish that I love so much that I just have to share it with you guys! These are ordered from Carousell user @jewel-fingertips who manufacture their own gel polish and the seller is so friendly and reliable! So do support them~

This is a soak off UV/LED nail polish and there is 15ml of product in this bottle.

Such a beautiful sleek bottle. 

At first glance, the polish is a soft lilac that has bits of glitter in it to add that extra oomph! But I swear it is so magical when it goes on your nails.
The brush is just the right size to paint every corner of your nails perfectly.

Here is my beautiful CNY nails that I made on my own. 
This is with two coats of the polish as well as a gel base and top coat. The nail polish is a pearly white and it is translucent. On top of that, the glitters are evenly distributed so each nails are coated with beautiful flakes and bits. 

Now I said it is a changing gel color and you're wondering, how is it changing? What is so magical?!

All you need is some ICE or something COLD!

And jjang! It changes into a beautiful and super noticeable hot pink! 
Sorry for the kooky parts not turning into hot pink. I took an ice cube and held it and when I went to my photo table, some of the color has already faded due to my body heat ._.

So just imagine having a cold drink or staying in an air-conditioned room and *boom* SUDDEN PINK MANICURE! 

It works even better in air-conditioned room though because the pink is almost gradient, being hot pink at the tips and fading to a light pink at the base. Everything about this polish is great, it goes on well and smooth. The only qualms is that it isn't very noticeable when you are not in a cold environment. Other than that, this polish is perfect!

It comes in other colors much more noticeable than this and I am tempted to get more just so I can play around with the colors! :D Are you tempted yet?

Also! Etude House is coming up with their range of gel polish so maybe the UV/LED lamp is cheaper there, but I bought mine from Qoo10 for about $30+ so be sure to compare before buying! :x

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