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#375; Benefit They're Real! Mascara

I'm actually preparing for my last paper of the semester so I am pretty busy and haven't had any time to prepare much. But I took half a day off from studying to prepare for this review so I hope this is good enough! :x

I know the Benefit They're Real! Mascara has been out in the market for quite a bit of time and Benefit is going to release a new mascara - Roller Lash mascara. Since I haven't done a review for this (totally slip my mind), I decided to do so before the launch of their new mascara. For those of you who follow my twitter, @amandamisaki, you would know that I managed to lay my hands on the new Benefit mascara! So I will do a comparison post when both are properly reviewed!

The Benefit They're Real! Mascara is packaged in a simple black box with orange lettering. 
At the side of the box is a list of statistics claiming how good the mascara is. Would it live up to its claim?

At the back of the box is a short info on the mascara brush. Of course, I don't read about it because it is just not very interesting when you could get straight to testing the product out for yourself!
Or read reviews if that interests you!

And yes, I have taken to watermarking my product photos because people keep stealing my photos for their blogshops. Like whut. You don't even credit me. ._.

Taken out of its' packaging is this sleek metallic tube that is pretty simple and reflective. They're Real! is plastered right in the middle of the tube.

And here is the They're Real! mascara brush. 
It is make of tiny bristles and is a little different from conventional wands because this brush has bristles on the top :o

It was at that point that I took another look at the back of the packaging and realize it is for easy application of the product on the inner lashes, which are supposed to be the shortest and albeit the most neglected lashes. I for one, give up on coating my inner lashes because they are too sparse and tiny. 

For the purpose of this review I only put on eyeshadow and the mascara so the results is much more evident. On the right side is two coats of mascara and eyelash curler and on the left side is my bare lash. 

Here is a better photo of my lashes. The two coats of Benefit They're Real! mascara evidently volumizes and lengthen my lashes.
The brush also helps me to reach my long-forgotten inner lash. 

However, I am not sure if it is the fact that my mascara is already a few months old, but my lashes are clumped together when I use this. Although this may be a drawback to some people, there is nothing that cannot be fixed without a lash comb.  

I like how evident my lashes are with this mascara, although their claims that you will never need false lashes with this baby is a little too far fetched. Unless your lashes are crazy thick and long, I still think that false lashes would beat this hands down in the WOW! department. 

Also if you note, the mascara dries really fast so any other coats of mascara on top of it will cause some flaking which will eventually end up as panda eyebags. I noticed this when I first gotten the mascara and tried it out and even now, the problem persists. 
The mascara also does smudge a little but this may be because of my slightly oiler eyelids and the humid Singapore weather. 

Now to draw on some eyeliner for a completed look...

Pardon moi messy hair
I feel like with the eyeliner, the mascara is totally non-evident and doesn't seem to exist on my lash anymore. :/ Is it just my tiny lashes or... 

Here is a photo of both eyes with two coats of mascara, eyelashes curled and with eyeliner. I swear I didn't make the wings too thick so I guess it is just my tiny lashes. I have taken to using Avance lash serum again in a bid to get fuller and longer lashes so I guess I just have to wait for the results. 

Ok la! My lashes are much more beautiful and long when I close my eyes. 
If only I can see with my eyes closed la. Then everyone could see how Benefit They're Real! Mascara has worked for me. 

Removing this was a chore because it is waterproof. In fact, the little fibers/flakes tend to get in my eye. It also doesn't withstand my oily lids.

Overall, the Benefit They're Real! mascara really does reach my inner lashes but doesn't do much because I can't get my curler to it. It helps to lengthen my lashes visibly and does help to volumize it. However because of the weather in Singapore and my oily lids, the smudging is a turn off for me. Overall I would rate this a 7.5/10. It does its job as advertised but don't throw away those dramatic falsies yet. 

For its' price, it is a tad expensive as compared to other brands. 

Would I repurchase this again?
It isn't my holy grail mascara or the mascara that I hate to live without. So I don't think I would. However, I am dying to try out the new Benefit Roller Lash mascara ever since I saw reviews on it! 

Have you tried the Benefit They're Real! mascara or is there other benefit products that you've tried and love so far? I would love to know!

Amanda Misaki Sea


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