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#377; NARS Afghan Red

Do you ever feel like you have too many lipsticks in your stash and they almost look alike? Well I do. And that's a dilemma.
This post was spurred on by an impulsive purchase made on Carousell. Yes, I am too poor to shop retail right now ._.

But here goes!
Featuring the NARS Afghan Red. 
Ever since I saw a photo of this gorgeous oxblood red lipstick online - NARS Scarlet Empress. I have been dying to try out NARS lipstick. 
First for the color palette that they had to offer and secondly for the sleek af packaging. 

This NARS Afghan Red is super tiny and slips easily into your purse, making it a suitable lipstick to bring to a formal dinner.

It is packaged into a square packaging which makes it a tad more difficult to recap this when you're intoxicated. At least, that's how I feel. 
The case is matte and prone to scratches, as seen above. The only embellishments would be the "NARS" stamped prominently around the cover of the lipstick. 

This is pretty professional looking but bears a resemblance to Sleek. 
The color Afghan Red in the tube, reminds me of a matte version of MAC Cremesheen in Dare You

The bottom of the tube. 
I always thought of  labels like that being very professional looking. Is it just me?

First swatches of NARS Afghan Red. 
At first glance, this looks nothing like Dare you. Nars Afghan Red is a almost oxblood red with slightly darker undertone. 
On swatches they look pretty much a cranberry shade but I guess it is my laptop's resolution. 

I guess I had to prove my point. So I did a swatch between NARS Afghan Red and MAC Dare You. 
Yup! Nothing alike. Nars Afghan Red is much more darker toned and I don't suit darker tone lipstick because of my slightly yellow-brown skin tone. :/

My (very blown-up) lips are pigmented as it is and after countless trial and error, I realize solid colors best suit me. 
I apologize in advance, if this pair of lips gives you nightmares.

Damn you hairy upper lips :/ 
Anyway, this is how the NARS Afghan Red looks on me. 
It is a dull rose color that borders on an almost oxblood red tone. I think this is because of my already pigmented lips. 

This accentuates the lines on your lips so be sure to exfoliate and apply a lipbalm before application.

The full picture.
The color goes on pretty smoothly and does not dry out my lips and there is a hint of peppermint. I actually prefer the signature vanilla scent of MAC to this. This just reminds me of peppermint leaf tea. The kind that my mum forces me to drink, when I get my annual cough and cold. 

I am not feeling the NARS Afghan Red lipstick because of the color.
I find it a tad too mature for my everyday look and it makes me look a little tanner. Because of the slightly matte formula, this doesn't make the lipstick "pop" and I admit that I am disappointed with this shade. 

Other than that, the NARS lipstick performed well so far with concerns to longevity as it lasts me about 4-6 hours. My only qualms about this would have to be the shade I chose and that it accentuated my lip lines too much for it to be pretty looking. 

Nonetheless, I am still not deterred by my very first experience of NARS lipstick. 
Of course I wouldn't repurchase the shade Afghan Red but instead some other shades. 
As to this, I might pass it on to my mum or keep it for when I finally start my career and need to tone down my makeup for a more conservative look.

What do you think about this shade? Is it a go-for or a miss? 
NARS can be found in Robinsons Orchard Level 1 or Sephora ION. If I didn't remember wrongly, this costs about $37. Pretty hefty and almost a tad bit more expensive than MAC. 

Any other NARS shade to recommend? I will definitely start to save up for a splurge on a new shade from NARS. 


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