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#378; Amanda's February Round-up

Oh my, how time flies.
I keep telling myself that this post has to be up earlier but I guess the holidays flew by in a flurry of catching up on teleseries like Arrow and Two Broke Girls. So now, it is almost the end of March and here is my super late February Round-up!

Starting the round-up with this delicious matcha x azuki ice cream. I love how the two complement each other because the matcha has a bitter aftertaste while the azuki adds just the right amount of sweetness. 

We had this dessert while having dinner at a Japanese restaurant located at Millenia Walk. Dad had a business meeting and he was staying at a hotel nearby and I remembered having a nasty eye infection from a liner. :/ So I couldn't wear any lenses nor do I have any mood to doll up. 

Chubby Cheeks brought me to Star Vista and we finally tried CocoIchibanya which was pretty good but couldn't beat Monster Curry. His love for Japanese curry has infected me.

We also had ice cream and had a really good talk with each other. With each moment that I am with him, I never cease to be blissful and just so contented. 

We saw a Korean snack shop while walking and exploring Star Vista and I gotten these two! 
The chocolate mushroom biscuit is wonderful and honestly.. "daebak!"
I haven't tried the other biscuits yet but I will get to it! I love how it is resealable so I don't have to binge eat the whole container in one sitting.

My Sunday hang-out spot. 
I love being by the sea where I can just pretend my problems don't exist and I am having a staycation or holidaying somewhere else. I always have this overwhelming urge to jump right into the sea and swim swim swim. 

A little indulgence.
I never really did like cone ice cream because I think it steals the limelight from the cold treat. 
But I love how the cone ice cream has chocolate right inside the tip. I guess it is a dilemma.
And if you haven't already guess it, I love chocolate.

The month of February, I welcomed in a new love for grey nail polishes which is still a personal favorite. 
I also splurge on a new Kate Spade wallet because I thought I needed a new wallet for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I don't regret splurging on Kate Spade because it is so friggin gorgeous and keeps my notes straight. 

One problem with me, I love wallets that are small, handy and easy to slip into my clutch/satchels. However, I never have been able to find one that is perfect for me and have resorted to using a small coach wristlet to stuff all my notes, cards and coins. Chubby Cheeks gotten so annoyed whenever he sees the crumpled bills that comes out of the wristlet, he practically had to beg me to go get myself a wallet. It was only when I pop by Kate Spade to take a look when I thought I could heck it and reward myself with a wallet. 

Hey, I gotten two straight As for my exams so I think I deserve a little "me" pampering.

The most amazing lunch that Chubby Cheeks prepared for me. Omelette and ham with cheese! :p
Yes, my boyfriend is a good cook. 
We wanted to go out and watch a movie but I complained that I was too hungry to move after school. So he whipped up this simple fare for me that was so great, even though it was simple. 

I had a lot of matcha food cravings in February.
And since my sister is also a big fan of matcha, we decided to stop by Matcha House at Orchard Central. Here is the matcha tiramisu that we shared. 
This didn't taste like a tiramisu but instead, reminded me of a sponge cake. Pretty alright so far but I'd stick with the drinks they have instead and maybe try the pancakes the next time I drop by for a visit. 

Remember how I gotten this Tiffany & Co. mini bow necklace from Chubby Cheeks in December 2013? Well, it snapped. 
And I was lucky that my qualms about the necklace thin straps was met by friendly customer service on Tiffany & Co. end. So I managed to get the chain replaced for free and they even did free polishing. Such nice service. 

Update: It snapped again so I got the whole necklace replaced to a classic Return to Tiffany Heart Tag.

Preparing for the Chinese New Year with this set off changing colour gelish polish. 
Review is up on my blog if you haven't read it yet. But otherwise, this is sucha lovely and surprising polish to have. Especially because I know I will be drinking lotsa cold drinks *smirk*

February is a host of events.
It is when we celebrate our third year together and Valentine's day. So here is my gift from Chubby Cheeks. The latest heart clasp bracelet from Pandora! I love this so much and have been eyeing it since it came out. Also aiming for a few other charms but I am saving up to get it on my own!

We met up a little late so decided to catch a movie at the quiet Suntec City and have dinner at Coffee Bean Beanstro. I love the beef lasagna that I chosen to have and here is the cake that we decided to try. Not naise. 
Chubby Cheeks hated the layer on top because it tasted prominently of passion fruit. Hey, we know it is a passion fruit cake but you didn't have to overdo it! And then when we about to finish the cake, I realize the top part is white chocolate!!! And the passion fruit taste? 
It came from the layer of cream directly below the white chocolate. ._.

He felt cheated. It was hilarious.

How I styled my new bracelet so far. I am trying my best to make it a more asymmetrical and themed bracelet then I did with my previous Pandora bracelet!

Going back to Granny house in Malaysia and here is a candid shot my cousin took of me while we had afternoon tea. 
I love how everything is so affordable in Malaysia! I bought lots of stationery for my upcoming examinations and splurge on a set of limited edition whiper correction tape for only SGD$7 in total. 
Also bought essentials like contact lens solution, makeup wipes and makeup cleanser.


What I wore for Day 1! This was a relative's house. Very vintage. Such hip.
Romper from love bonito! I first tried this romper in their pop-up store at Somerset 313 but it was oos on site and I had to wait. But luckily this super nice reseller on carousell informed me when it was back in stock the next day and I managed to buy the last piece! :p

The first time trying Churros at a tiny little cafe near my granny's house and it is just about the greatest food I ever eaten. Other things we ordered were some salad, potato wedges. I gotten a caramel macchiato, my sister gotten hot chocolate. They allowed us to choose dips for the Churros and we chose cinnamon and sugar, salted caramel and nutella! All the dips is so delish but I love the salted caramel and cinnamon and sugar best.

Made cookies to bring on our road trip from Singapore to Malaysia and gave a few to Chubby Cheeks during Valentine. Finished all the cookies within a few days. I guess that's the reason why all our family members are pretty much egg-shaped.

Muar Chee at a Penang Roadside stall!
This is one of the best ok. 
Like I ate two packets of this because it was so good. Of course I shared but I ate majority of this. And I don't feel guilty about this because it was worth the kilos I painfully shed before the Chinese New Year. 

River Hongbao. 
Chubby Cheeks brought me to see see look look and beo all the pasar malam food. There was also uncle ringo but we didn't play any rides because it was pretty late already. 
It just reminded me of the rides I used to enjoy when I was a kid.. 
Ah, the childhood memories.

The creepy Cai Sheng Ye!
Hurhurhur. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

The reason why he brought me to Suntec again. 
To sit the Singapore Flyer and enjoy the dazzling city skyline. Can this boy get any sweeter? 
This was for our third year together. Such a beautiful night view and I am so glad that I get to enjoy it with him. 
We were both absolutely petrified on the way up. My feet were sweating so badly but I thought it couldn't be that bad. 

More photos to come in another post! Or maybe not :/

Favorite Selca of the month.

And my first attempt at flat layouts. 
It takes a lot of skills and accumulated pretty stuff. 
I think I enjoy this so much because I created a lot more flatlays and you can take a look at them on my instagram @amandamisaki or if you are too lazy, just see the scrolling banner on my website. :p

Alright, this ends my February and the second month of 2015. 
I love each and every moment of this year. It fills me with joy that there are always good days if you are brave enough to fight for them and work hard for them,

And if you ever encounter the bad days, take them with you as a lesson learnt. A lesson to treasure the good days and always find the silver lining in situations. 


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