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#379; Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner

I'm going to apologize for the quality of pictures in today's post and future posts. My trusty G12 broke on me when I was taking flat lays for my instafeed. So I am stuck with my old point-and-shoot camera.

I will be reviewing the Benefit They're Real! Push-up liner in today's blog post!
What a roll I am on. This month has been filled with Benefit review and I just can't wait to lay my hands on more make-up products after I cleared my extensive "to-blog" list.

I lost the packaging for the Benefit "They're Real! Push-up liner". However, I can tell you that it is pretty similar to the They' Real! Mascara, judging how they come from the same line. You can read my review of the mascara here!

I first gotten this liner from a giveaway and I made my way excitedly to ION Sephora to pick up a whole bag of deluxe samples and this retail-sized They're Real! Push-up liner. 
Imagine my excitement in trying a new and innovative product from the ever famous Benefit!

The liner is packaged in a very sleek black plastic tube with fishnet patterns on the bottom and the cap of the tube. 
When I first heard about this, I was pretty curious how Benefit was going to packaged gel liner in a seemingly "liquid liner" packaging. And I was pretty impressed over the soft and flexible plastic tip of the push-up liner. I can see myself using this to create flick liner and the ever popular cat-eyes. 

In case you are curious, to dispense the product, you need only twist the bottom part and you will hear a few clicking sounds. Twisting the bottom part of the "pen" will push the gel liner out.

And yes, the cap of the Benefit They're Real! Push-up liner can only be open by twisting off the cap. I think it is to make sure the gel liner in the pen doesn't dry out and keeps it air tight! 

The tip of the Benefit they're real! Push-up liner is able to create thick and thin lines. And because of the plastic tip, it is very flexible without causing too much friction between your lids and the tip (doesn't cause dragging).

Disturbingly close up shots of my "just shadowed" eyes. 
Loving the combination of these two eyeshadows but I feel that my camera couldn't capture how great they look in real life, so I am just going to wait till my baby G12 is back from the repairs. 

Both eyes with the Benefit They're Real! Push up liner. 
It is able to line my eyes pretty close to my waterline and creates just the perfect cat wing. However, because of the way the brush is designed, I don't think it is able to create a defined and thin "flick". Which doesn't really bother me. 
However, if you love thinner liner, you should probably skip this.
The brush of the Benefit They're Real! Push up liner also requires a few practice to get it mastered. And even then, the product dispensed may be a little too much at times and might result in a thicker than usual eye liner. 
which is what happened for the other eye. Hence...

Here are a series of test I put together to test if the Benefit They're Real! Push up liner will leave up to my expectations and level of activity present in my daily life. The side with the primer is duly labelled above.

If I happened to rub my eyes... 
I will realize minimal smudging but the liner is pretty much solid. There is a slight fading of the liner as compared with the first picture but nothing a touch up won't help. 

Water x rub test. 
You know just in case you decide that a soppy love story is going to invoke the tear goddess in you.
Didn't fare as well. The side without primer is visibly so much lighter than the side with the primer. There is also tiny "flakes" that formed around the smudging. Which I imagine would be a problem if said "flakes" happened to flake into your eyes. 

THE TEST that I anticipated the most!
The "oily lids" x rub test. 
I used a bit of oil to test how it would fare on oily lids. 

What a mess. :/ 
So yes, the Benefit They're Real! push up liner will not last on oily lids!
However, if you have generally dry lids and don't have a tear-jerking moment, this liner will work wonders for you. 
I do find application a tad difficult. Besides the unusual brush, the product dries out even though there is an orange stopper to stop this problem. This can make initial application very very flaky. In fact when I tried this liner out for the purpose of this review. Some large flakes and clumps were caught in my lashes. NOT APPEALING. 

And potentially very painful if they landed in your eyes. 

A selfie. Yes I screwed up one side of my eye. 
Now here is my horror story with the Benefit They're Real! Push up liner. 
Disclaimer: This might not be the case for you because you aren't as unlucky as me. But this sure is the case for me. 

I have oily lids even with primer and yes, I like to wear eyeliner to the gym because who doesn't wear eyeliner to make themselves look gorgeous while running on the treadmill? I want to always look pretty even when I am sweating plz. And so I made the hugest mistake of wearing the Benefit They're Real! push up liner to the gym. 
After an intensive cardio, I wanted to go for a swim so I proceeded to remove my makeup because I didn't want to look like a streaky panda amanda when I leave the pool. By this time, the liner was already super smudged and because of the sweat water there was all this flakes caught in my lashes. 
Now, the liner is really stubborn and required an oil-based makeup remover. Even then, the liner is stubbornly persistent in sticking really close to your waterline. Which is dangerous. 
I put some oil based make up remover on a cotton pad and proceeded to remove one side. No problem. And then I started on the next eye. 
The flakes that were caught in my lashes fell into my eye and hence ensued furious rubbing and trying to flush out the irritant with eye drops. 

TL;DR: I got a nasty eye infection and a cut on my eye. Went to the polyclinic and had to be put on antiseptic eye drops for a week. FML OK. 

Please say I sacrifice quite a bit for this blog because I had to overcome the phobia of another nasty eye infection!
So yes, all in all. I would rate the Benefit They're Real! Push up liner a 4.5/10.

Again, what works for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me. 
I wouldn't repurchase this liner because of how stubborn and flaky this is. But if you are the kind to love a good old super strong liner and have dry lids then this is the one for you. 

If you aren't too sure? Pick up a sample of the liner from their makeup counters! I am sure they will be happy to assist you! :D

I hope you enjoy this!


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