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#380; WCWT - Singapore Flyer x Valentine

I thought I start April with a personal post since my trusty G12 camera lenses has broke and I can't get my point and shoot camera to take quality photographs for my blog. I think I need a backup camera but I can't trust anything that is not a Canon. The blogger in me wants to churn out tons of post. The perfectionist in me says the quality of the photos I am taking now is sub-par.

Unfortunately, the perfectionist in me always win.
So I will lay off the makeup reviews until I get my camera back in May or if I decided I had enough and invest in another camera. I have a few personal and makeup reviews to be posted. So I am hoping it is enough but I am so embarrassed cause this issue will probably make me lose my readership! :<
I guess I can take this opportunity to build up on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram presence!

I digress too much when I am upset!

Here is a very late post because I couldn't find a point to post these photos and I was contemplating because I didn't really want to share my relationship with Mr. Chubby to the world. I thought the internet was too open and really, a relationship is meant for two. But then again, happiness should be shared. So!

This is what I gotten for Mr. Chubby for our Valentine!
A beautiful watch and a bag of handmade chocolate chip cookies which he adore to bits! :3

We decided to head to Suntec because we are lazy and didn't want to squeeze with the crowd and because I took so long to prepare that when I left house, it was already 2-ish almost 3pm. Yes, I dilly dally a lot ._. #badhabits

We had a simple lunch when we reach Suntec and bought tickets to watch Ah Boys to Men 3, cause Mr. Chubby wanted to watch it and because I am all for the potential hot bods I could see through the show. Win-win situation.

After the movie, we went to the Gacha/UFO Machine and tried our luck. I really wanted this pig wearing a tiara because it was so tiny and adorable and just so precious looking. But we couldn't win it and left empty handed. Ah! Sometimes in life, you don't get what you want.

Had a late late dinner at Coffee Bean cause we were too lazy to food hunt and because my feet really hurt from the new wedges I was wearing. I thought it was quite an indulgence because we sat al fresco and the wind and view was just amazing. There wasn't so many people around and we got to laugh and talk freely.

Here is the Beef Lasagna that I ordered and have been craving since forever because it is friggin good! At least to me, because I never really had any lasagna before. Love the mushrooms inside this and the pasta... *heart shaped eyes*

This is what Mr. Chubby ordered. Some spicy tuna pasta. 
I swear he always orders the weirdest thing! It is pretty good though cause he test out the weird/new food and I get to stick to my classics while getting a taste of something new. 
So sometimes, OPPOSITES is good.

Pretty decent photo of Mr. Chubby.
None of me because the wind tousled my hair to its extremities and I had to bun my hair and pin my fringe, all for the sake of food.

Chubby's gift to me and a Passion fruit white chocolate cake.
I love the white chocolate but hated the layer of passion fruit jelly under the white chocolate layer. Other than that, this cake isn't all too bad. Chubby hated the taste and texture of the jelly. I hated it too.

My gift which I unboxed the next day. 
The new Pandora heart clasp silver bracelet! 
This is my first hand bracelet, my previous bracelet was a preloved from Carousell so I am really happy. The heart clasp is so cute and fun and I can't wait to fill this up with more memories!

We didn't go to the Singapore Flyer on Valentine because I didn't want Mr. Chubby to spend so much in one day. So we decided on the following weekend. I brought my camera along but didn't get to take much photo of my very first experience on the Singapore Flyer. This trip was sorely needed because I wanted to take a break from studying like crazy for my upcoming finals. 

It was just before the Chinese New Year so there was all this sheep decorations all over! 
I really love sheeps because it is so darn cute. I love all things fluffy and fat ._.

We queued up for the tickets and there wasn't much of a queue. 
Got our tickets pretty fast and I had to wait while Mr. Chubby complained about his lack of water. He promptly when around finding drinks to quench his thirst. 

And he came back with the cutest sprite bottle. 
I know I am pretty suaku but I think this bottle is so cute and unconventional. Cause all the soft drinks are mainly packaged in those aluminium cans while this glass bottle one is so fancy and vintagey. 

He is a water tank because promptly after, he finished this. In about 5 minutes. 

We went in and went through a few security checks before arriving at this hall that showcase the Singapore Flyer history and its building. 
Love the tiny ferris wheel depicting the flyer! 

A photo of the two chubbies before heading to the "boarding" area.
I swear my face is becoming plate-like because of Chubby Cheeks incessant nagging that I must eat more. HOW TO SLIM?!

At the boarding area. 
The whole area is dimly lit and pretty romantic. There was quite a number of tourists and of course couples. In each cabin, only a limited number of people can enter and the "door" is closed from the outside with just a simple latch. Makes you wonder what would happen if a strong draft of wind happen to unlatch it ._.

There is also a safety net in case someone falls while getting on/off the cabin. 
Chubby Cheeks said he wanted to push the attendant into the net and watch him bounce around helplessly. I seriously think he just wants to try it out on his own. 

The cabin started to make its slow ascent to the top. 
And my feet started to sweat. Usually I am not afraid of heights and those obstacles never daunted me but this. This height was dizzying. It was really pretty scary to stand at the edge and peer down. It is a smart move on their part to make the bottom of the cabin opaque. Else I don't think I will ever trust the structure to support our weight. 

I also told Chubby Cheeks that if the thing got stuck halfway, would we be forced to climb down to safety via the ladder pictured above. He freaked out slightly and told me to shut up. 

Once we got to the very top though. There was no regrets!
It is too beautiful and the view of Singapore's night sky is breathtaking. Like I wish at the very top so I can see this view everyday. 

And on the other side!
Sorry I didn't take a lot of photo because my G12 keep picking up the reflection, my phone is too sucky and I just wanted to appreciate the view with my love. 

Rushing highways, empty roads. 

On our way down!
Spot River Angbao and Uncle Ringo~ 
We stopped by after our ride to take a look and walk through it. It was really pretty good but I had to get home early or risk losing the last bus :/ No curfew, just no ride. 
I ain't rich.

A gong and flowers all around it to signify.. Idk. 
Just some Chinese New Year thing. I really love all the pink flowers. So pretty!

A photo of us together after we got off the ride. Not much photos of us together because Chubby Cheeks keep using me as a human shield and my face looks bloated. Y U DO DIS.
We walked through shops selling souvenir and photos but didn't get anything and ended our 30 minutes ride with chicken rice and muar chee from the food stalls on the ground floor.

That's all for now and hope you like this short post! I will be back with more, hopefully and maybe post more if I can find pictures. Sorry that this month will be mainly personal posts because of the camera issue as mentioned above. *slight cry*


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