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#381; March Round Up!

How time flies!
It is already April and it just seems like yesterday that I started this monthly series to add a slice of my personal life on this space! I can't wait to get back my trust-worthy G12 and start taking many photos for my blog! ._. I have so many makeup posts that I want to start on!!!! It is killing me.

I had a month of holidays after my supposedly "year-end" papers. And I was pretty unlucky to have my holidays clash with Chubby Cheeks' reservist. But he went to serve the nation and I am proud of him so yea~ Plus he grew skinnier. But now he inflate back.. Slightly. 

So with nothing to do at home, I tried my hand at this DIY "ice cream" felt project. Started with a slice of melon that looked so promising but came out like.. ah well. Ah. 
I am speechless because it looked nothing like the picture. I guess I need to work on my sewing skills. 

Ze both of us on a bus ride home. I forgot what I was wearing but I look like I am wearing nothing. Which is embarassing but this was the only nice photo of the month. The rest was him making silly faces or me looking bloated :/ 

Me and my beloved sister. It was during her school holidays and I went to get my nails done, then met up with her at Orchard! Took a wefie before we get our shopping done!
I didn't buy anything because I felt too broke for words. 

Anyway, the top I am wearing is from Love Bonito and has become my favorite shirt ever! So comfy and actually makes my collar bone look so much more prominent. I love the color too although it is a tad pricey at $30+? Worth it!

Having a late lunch with my dearest mumsy. I was waiting for Chubby Cheeks to end work and thus, we had a late luncheon before he came. My Chee Cheong Fun. Super yummy and I can eat like twenty plates of this.

Siew Mai and Har Kao. Dim sums are my favorite. When I was young, I would love to eat siew mai (pork/chicken meat wrapped in yellow dumpling skin with prawn bits). But now I prefer har kao! I really love prawns so having har kao is like having a little slice of heaven because of the juicy prawn. 

I am on Snapchat! @amandamisaki
But here is my super cute Adventure time socks that Chubby Cheeks got me!
He got me two pair. One is princess bubblegum and the other is LSP. I love LSP though because she is so vibrant. 
Like "oh my glob, look at those lumps".

Every weekend, I get treated to this view. I love sentosa cove for its serenity and a notion of how life in Singapore should really be like. It is quiet in the afternoon and bustling with life at night. The atmosphere is laid back and I almost don't seem to feel like I am in Singapore. I guess that is how I deal with my stress.

Working out those fat lumps I have. LSP would be proud of them. 

The best Beef and egg rice I ever had. YUMMMMMEH. I am starving now. This really sets my appetite going.  Had this at Jurong Point Basement.

Also had this spicy beef soup and noodles. WAAAA I cannot. I need to revisit to have this again.

Lemon meringue tart from Carpenter and Cook at Lorong Kilat with the boyffie. We shared a tart together because I decided that I didn't want to have too much dessert and that is a first for me, by my standards. 

I am sorry for the food pictures but my March holiday was filled with food. That was the highlight of my holidays. Food and Youku, rewatching Two broke girls, sherlock and starting Arrow. 

Did you guys ever had this?! Like seriously? I am not sure if America has this and it is called Twinkies but I love this! I love the moist chocolate cake and cream. So good. I love all things chocolatey so this hit the spot for me. 

Another bowl of noodles. I told you my holidays was filled with mostly food.
Had this with mumsy and sister at Din Tai Fung. I love the noodle soup there, although the fried rice is also really good. 
I guess that is why I am so fat and round right now. 

Rilakkuma biscuit! This is mad nice and the packaging is super cute!
But don't just discredit it because of the packaging. I love how this taste and there is quite a good serving in a package so small. 
This can be bought at SGD$1.20 from the Japan Food fair happening at Plaza Singapura.

Last food photo of this round up is a beautiful masterpiece cooked by mumsy!
Thank you mumsy for always making my lunch in the healthiest and prettiest way possible! The strawberries and tomatoes were delicious! So was the fried rice. 

Month of March, I welcomed in many new hauls. Including my favorite of the month and possibly in the near future!
The Benefit Roller Lash mascara that I have already reviewed here!

I also gotten a whole stash of makeup including two new eyeshadow from colourpop but stopped myself short of getting new lipsticks because I reckon I have too many of lipstick. At least that is what Chubby Cheeks say but A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY LIPSTICKS!

Bought new flowers for layouts and had to take photo of it. I had to!
It was too pretty not to take a series of beautiful photos and I might be obsessed with how my hands look.
These were the few photos I took before my G12 succumbed to old age. So I thought leaving them here is a good tribute to my camera till I see it again.

My beautiful nails courtesy of the promotion happening at The Nail Artelier, in collaboration with Etude House. Etude House recently launched the Enamelting gel nails and in celebration of such a product, they decided to have a promotion with The Nail Artelier. 

Now I followed them for the longest time ever and I love their nail arts and designs so when I saw the student promotion, I need I had to go for it and I got my nails done along with the add on of the sheeps (symbolizes Chubby Cheek because of his surname) and I love it! I love how durable it is because it is still happily on my nails and the nail art is super fine and precise. 

Definitely know where to get my nails done for a special occasion! Won't be any time soon though because I am broke and because the nail art is really a tad bit pricey.

Favorite Selfie of the month would be this picture! I snapped my delicate Tiffany and Co necklace yet again and decided that I had enough of it. Contacted them and the sales assistant was super super nice to offer me an exchange. 
So I got this medium Return to Tiffany Heart tag that I have been eyeing for the longest time yet and chose a thicker chain. At least if it snaps, I can wear it on another chain. 

Although right now, I am wearing the pendant on another chain for fear of snagging the super expensive Tiffany and Co. chain. 

Also have become extremely obsessed with flat lays and you can see them from my instagram!
Each flat lay is designed and placed by me and I took all the photos with my iPad. Surprise Surprise! I love how each piece comes together and I even bought white cloth from Spotlight and joined their membership program. LOL. 

*enter rage mode*

I mean look! I was even featured on their advertisement!
Yes, I am a star clozetter so follow me there if you are using clozette! :>
That made my day although I think the photos chosen to be featured is based on algorithm. 
STILL. I am proud of myself. 

Ending off this post with my new buys. 
Yes, although this photo should belong to April's round up but in my defence, I bought the Kinder surprise way earlier and gotten my Duffy BearBear in March! So this is my favorite thing of the month. 

Duffy is a wristlet but he is so soft that I just keep him on my bed and put in an earphone and a tiny tsumtsum to keep him stuffed. 

Here is my round up for March! 
What about yours?


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