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#382; Here We Come! Hong Kong Day 2 Part 1

I have been actively procrastinating this whole month away, ever since school started. It is just so difficult to set up my laptop but I can't wait till end of this week to get my camera back! Turns out the lenses is spoilt so I had to get it replaced but anyhoo, here is my travellogue for Hong Kong!

The second day of my trip to Hong Kong, we woke up really early and I had an upset tummy and didn't feel very good. I didn't know if it was something I ate but I took a step out of my hotel room and decided it best to bundle up because it was chilly and slightly wet. 

Wore my trusty oatmeal pullover that I gotten from H&M right before my flight for only SGD$10, a pair of jeans and Chubby Cheeks' topman hoodie. Comfy!

I didn't managed to snap a picture of breakfast because by the time I sat down to eat, I was too nauseated and the thought of food only made me want to vomit/faint. But I was stubborn to carry on because we are heading to DISNEYLAND!

The special Disney train! I love how cute the handles are! And the train windows are Mickey shaped. It was a pity that there was so many people heading there and I couldn't get a clear shot of the interior. The train is also decorated with statues of many Disney character such as Tinkerbell and Mickey. LOVE IT!

When we got to the station, I was awed. 
I mean look at this station! This reminds me of Harry Potter or some vintage 80s era. I wished I dressed up a tad bit more but the thought of wearing a skirt in that weather was a deterring factor....
That didn't stop me from snapping pictures though!

Hong Kong Disneyland is very kid friendly so expect lots of kiddy rides and scenic places to take photos. In fact, don't expect much in the form of thrilling rides and be sure to rest up the day before because this place is crazy big! The place seems to be nestled in a valley so it gets really chilly as the day progresses but that just adds on to the atmosphere of the whole place. 

A cute whale with Mickey surfing. Mickey actually moves and I took a video but haven't gotten around to editing it. Not that I will ever because I took a lot of videos ._.

I bought my tickets with my sister and took a photo of this beautiful structure that is the gate way to the magical world of Disney! Love how the flowers is arranged to form Mickey and the building is so beautiful that so many people is taking photo in front of it. 

It really is a magical place. 

Can I just say that December is the best time for flowers! Look at these Christmasy flowers. I LOVE THEM! so pretty I cannot.

Our first stop was this exhibit showcasing all the Disney memorabilia from different movies throughout the years. There is Toy Story, Bambi and favorite classics like the Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. 

There are also sketches and stills from the movie depicting the storyboard/animation process. A real eye opener.

I love taking photos of beautiful pieces like this gorgeous chandelier. Everything in Disney just makes me want to pluck, saw, steal home to place in my house. Like why do they make everything so darn pretty?!

A selfie before I start off with more photos of the whole place! 

It was near Christmas so there was a lot of Christmas decorations all over the place including this humongous Christmas tree. Now that is a real tree not like the kind in my house. 

The market where you can get ice cream and drinks in Mickey-shaped Tumblr. I was deciding where best to spend my money for food because I didn't want to spend too much and missed out on shopping for Disney merchandise. After entering the store, I realised I exchanged too little money plus spend too little there... 

A beautiful stained glass piece adorning the interior of the shops we went to. 
Yes, each shop is beautifully designed and adorned and it was visual eyegasm because everything is vintagey, princessy and super classy and atas. 

Did I mention that I am obsessed with Tsum Tsum! The game got me hooked and I regretted not buying more Tsum Tsum from the store. My favorite is pooh cause he looks so adorable but piglet and eeyore isn't too bad either. Didn't get to buy Duffy and Shellie May stuff even though they are so popular, because it was a bit expensive and because I splurge on souvenir for friends plus a tiara ring! BLINGZ.

Tomorrowland! This is a Disney movie that is coming up soon and you guys should totally check out the trailer because it is quite good. 
The rides here are futuristic and out of this world!

And this is one of the kid rides. 
Disneyland is filled with many kid rides and rides that have not much of a fear factor in them. 
It is ok though because I don't think my stomach could take exciting rides. And because you can truly enjoy all the rides! :> 

Took a ride and decided to take lunch afterwards because what if I cannot find food further in the park?!
So here is the burger that me and my sister had. Hers was the fish fillet and mine was a cheeseburger. I ordered lemon tea and she order sprite. It was good!
The fries was particularly nice. 

After lunch and a very long trip to the toilet, we headed to the Buzz Lightyear ride!
It is another kids ride but the graphic is so good and cute! 

Look at the little green men!

So you just sit in the rides and use this plastic gun to shoot the targets mark with a Z. For every target/boss you hit, you gain points and it is displayed on your monitor!
Super cute and fun ride! There was also an indoor roller coaster but we didn't take it because I was feeling queasy and didn't want to risk vomitting my lunch all over the people in front/behind/beside/all around me. 

Walked a lot before we came to this! Golden Mickeys. 
Sadly we didn't get to catch shows because we didn't want to miss the rides and the park was friggin huge! So huge that we didn't get any shows because the waiting time for the ride was long and the park was huge and took a lot of time to get from one place to another. The only show we caught was Pilhar's magic show and we watched that twice because it is a good show!

My Hamster face and my sister in front of the super famous "It's a Small World" ride. This was the supposedly haunted ride of Disney but I thought it was pretty cute! Waiting time was 20 minutes..

A glimpse! There is different country and I spotted Singapore! Woo~~
I love the different costumes and the dolls were actually creepy. It is easy to see why people might think that the ride is haunted. It is a water boat ride and very enjoyable and I would have went another round if time permitted. But by the time I got out, the waiting time was 40 minutes. So I decided to move on to the next ride. 

Next up is the Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride! 
Sister took this one and I decided to sit out from it because the tea cups was so blindingly dizzy. I vommited just by looking at the ride. Luckily the toilet was nearby. Love my sister for being so tolerant of my puky needy self. 

Then there was the float! 
Look at Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella on this majestic swan float! There is also Pooh~ Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and tons of other Disney character including Stitch!

Decided to take a walk through the Garden of Disney! The hedges were trimmed to look like elephants and Unicorns! 

Plus there was tribute-ish statue of famous Disney Mickey films. Took a photo with Costumed pooh and there was actually a whole lot of characters to choose from but pooh is our favorite. So we took a pic and then went to queue up at my favorite ride!

Ze winnie the pooh ride where you get to ride on a hefflalump. The ride was too fast and dark to capture any photos inside but I love it! So enjoyable plus all the characters is really adorable.

My sister favorite Dumbo ride! We didn't manage to take this ride until late at night because the queue for this was really long. There was just so many kids because it was a friday and there were a lot of locals and foreigners touring the place. The ride is enjoyable though and the view from on top of Dumbo is spectacular at night!

And who can resist Olaf from Frozen!
The place was magical and there were many kids dressed up as Elsa or Anna. It made me a tad bit jealous that the costumes don't come in huge sizes for adults. 
I look through to see if I could find a special Pandora charm but remembered that the Disney Pandora was only launched in North America. Personally think they should launched it in all Disney park so I can get a charm to signify my magical trip.

 I am ending day 2 part 1 post with this magical castle that is actually my house. Yas. You are looking at Princess Amanda and on the site of her very royal highness blog. 
So be appreciative!
I took time off from royal duties to type this post and all my subjects are awaiting me as I type.

Good Night and I hope you enjoy this post! Editing the photos put a smile on my face!


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