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#383; Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Game Face and Drift

My camera is fixed and has returned to my warm embrace, so I am back for good!
I know it has been a disappointing April what with the lack of updates and posts about new stuff.
But I am back with a new post and this time round, I will be reviewing on the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in two different shades - Game Face and Drift.

When I first heard about Colourpop, I wasn't too keen on the whole concept of single shadows and lipstick in tubes. Reason being that I always thought palettes were more value for money so I get a lot of palettes, so much so that there are a bunch of them lying unused in my room. Colourpop is an American brand and so far they only ship to Canada, Australia and USA. I am hoping that they will ship to Asia soon, but for now, I have to rely on sprees that I found through Carousell.

I only started to get interested when this beauty YouTuber reviewed them and I made my purchase from Carousell for my very first product from Colourpop! I would buy everything that YouTuber tells me to buy. And I wonder why I iz broke... 
 I ordered the shade - Drift and preordered the shade - Game Face.

Each of the shade cost me SGD$14 inclusive of Normal Postage.

However if you live in the US or anywhere that Colourpop ships to (lucky you!) then this will only cost you US$5 which is superbly affordable. UGHS.
Also, if you purchase above US$30, you automatically get free shipping within the US.

Featuring Drift!
My very first Colourpop product. I love eyeshadows and ever since I saw the Lime Crime Venus palette, I wanted to find a cranberry shade that is wearable and doesn't make me look like a red eyed rat. When I first gotten Drift, I was pretty pleased with the color. It looks like a deep maroon shade with hints of brown in it.

This is a true colour of what Drift look like in its pot.
The top of the shadow is patterned with a snake-skin print and lends a futuristic and modern feel to it. Especially if you choose the super bright and fun shades like gold and silver!

Drift is a matte shadow. 
They have a wide range of shadows in all sorts of colours that would put other makeup company to shame including pastel lavender and pink! The shadows are also in different finishes like matte, metallic or ultra metallic. 

Next up is Game Face which I only gotten two weeks after I gotten Drift!
Each Colourpop Eyeshadow comes packaged in a cute cardboard packing with a window that allows you to see the colour of the shades you are getting. The box is patterned with criss cross pattern and the cutest "handwriting" spells out Super Shock. 

Definitely "Super Shock" when you try their shadows.

On the top is a cute little advice. I love the tiffany blue. 
The shadows come packaged in a sturdy white container that requires you to screw the lid off, in order to get to your product. 
It is pretty sturdy and on the window of the lid, you get "Colourpop" printed on it in holographic. 
Really cute!

My only qualms about the packaging is that I tend to accidentally "cut" the surface of my eye shadows with the edge of the lid when screwing the lid back on. Which makes me very anal-y about the wastage ._.

Game Face is an ultra metallic eye shadow that is a beautiful shade of copper. 
Describing it in one word "copper" is sufficient because other terms include orangey-brown, which doesn't sound very professional. 

I bought Game Face because I am a sucker for shades with sparkles plus shades that are just...well this shade. It also explains why I only touched the ultra metallic shades on my Naked palette like Smog. Holy. 

The most beautiful shades in Drift and Game Face (L-R).
They are super pigmented. Game Face needs only one swab on the pan to get that intensity while Drift requires a few swab to get to that level of intensity. 
At first, I was pretty disappointed at Drift but after a few repeated usage, I realize that the formula has its pro. Because it requires more swabs to build the intensity, you can transform your makeup from light to a darker smoky look depending on your preference.

Also, you can control how much "red" you want on your lids. Honestly think this is the perfect winter-ish/rain-ish (in Singapore's case) to wear this beauty. However, because we are still in the first part of the year, I use Drift to go at the end of my eyes and in the creases to create that darker more mysterious and deep eyes look.

In harsh lighting, I adjusted the contract and sharpen it so it gets as close to the real life swatches of these beauty, and I have to say I do a pretty darn good job :D

The shadows aren't dry like normal eyeshadow but they are actually a little "damp"? I would say that it is a wonderful mix between cream shadows and powder shadows. I hate cream shadows. although I know the pigmentation on those are good, because they tend to get really dirty and I feel like it isn't as hygienic.

The Colourpop Super Shock Shadow is buttery and I love the texture of it. However, the shadow brushes don't tend to pick up this product all too well because of its consistency. The best way to pack on the shadow would be to use your fingertips. 

So now, I actually bought Drift and Game Face because I thought they would look absolutely gorgeous together. That metallic bronze paired with its cranberry-smoky eye look. So here is the look I created using Drift on the inner corner and towards the end of my eye. For the crease, I used Naked Palette - Buck shade and in the center, Game Face is more prominent. 

I realize that if you wanted to achieve a slight shimmer for Drift, you need only layer it on top of Game Face :p 
Anyone wants a pictorial/tutorial for this eye look? Because I am digging this! 

Mysterious half-face selfies. 
Apologize if I come across very narcissistic. But I did my hair and I did my fleek makeup. 

Both shades are super solid and I am actually "super shock" that these eyeshadow are waterproof and don't even need primer to stand out. The swatches are without primer while the ones on my eye are primed. They last on all day and the glitter from Game Face does not fall out all over my eye.

With my short experience with them, I find that the color dulls a little after five hours of wear but is waterproof, doesn't go all over the place and stays in place way better than my eyeliner after a session of eye drops. 

I did a simple milkmaid-ish hair that is so simple to do and I found the tutorial off Facebook. Wut. 
I swear I was so sad to wipe off my makeup but I had to do stuff.. Like procrastinate. And my tutorial. 

But mostly procrastinate.

So would I repurchase these Colourpop Super Shock Shadow?

I wasn't expecting much from Drift because I didn't know what to expect. I guess I would be pretty neutral to repurchase this after I run out because it isn't a very wearable shade. However, I am waiting for the cooler weather to try wearing this vampy, sexy shade all over my lids! And maybe then, I may fall in love with it. However, for the time being, this is actually a beauty to wear at the end of my eye as well as all over the crease. 

As for Game Face, a million yasses!
I would repurchase them because I love the shade to bits. Copper shade? Ultra-metallic? Okay, you got my attention and all my money. The pigmentation on this is crazy good and I love how this pairs with so many browns and neutral shades that I have. The pop of copper makes for a fun and less boring look. 

Comparing value for money, I would use the most pigmented shadows I ever use. Urban Decay Single shadows will set you back about SGD$30+ for one while Colourpop only sets you back SGD$13-14 depending which place you spree with. So are they value for money? With the pigmentation, the quality and the cute-ass packaging, heck yeah!

I am looking forward to trying all the other shades on Colourpop such as Mooning, 3, and shades like Bae and Sequin. Holy. The list is humongous. 

I hope you enjoy this review and do leave me a comment if you tried any of the colourpop or if you want to try them after this review! If so, what shades will be on your MUST buy list?!


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