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#384; Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan Collection

Today's post will be slightly different because today I am previewing Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan Collection! I read about it on some blog after seeing someone's instagram snaps and I knew I had to do a tiny preview here on my blog because I want YOUR opinion! Which should I get from this collection?!

Check out the images and the whole collection of Etude House Dreaming Swan below.
Photos are taken from Etude House and I do not claim credit for them!

I think over the past few years, Etude House really stepped up their game with pastel, florals, pink and pretty packaging. All the things that most girls will adore and swoon over. Which is no wonder that they are working with Kerrie Hess.

Who is Kerrie Hess? 
Well, she illustrates for really high-end brand like Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade New York and my absolute favorite.. Chanel. This is the first time I am hearing about the illustrator but after seeing the collaboration between Etude House and her, I am truly impressed and super tempted to buy all the products from this collection!

And you will be too.

This has to be one of the most elegant collection ever launched by Etude House because what is more elegant than ballerinas?

First up is this beautiful cheek x eye color. 
It is packaged in a tin with different designs for different colors. 
Frankly, I am tempted to get all of them because they look absolutely gorgeous and stunning.
The blush x eye shadow is imprinted with motifs and I am absolutely enthralled by #1 and #4. The print on the lavender... ugh. TO DIE FOR. 

And this one... is DEFINITELY on my to buy list. 
Because it is a bb cushion pact casing. 

Luckily they only have three designs to choose from because I am already at a loss of what to get.

And of course, with each collection, Etude House has to have a range of lipsticks. 
This is similar to what they already have in their normal range. However, the only thing that makes this difference is the cute pink and white packaging and printed lipstick tube. 

I can't say I am falling all that hard for the lipstick because the colors look eerily similar to what is already available in store and I don't want to just get something because it is limited edition. I want to be able to use and fall in love with using it, so I might actually skip buying this one (a first for a lipstick junkie).

I remember when the Disney Princess x Etude House collection was launched, I didn't get any from that collection because I was tempted but not that tempted to get it. This time round, there is two new manicure set from the Dreaming Swan collection. 

One nail kit contains a cream colored solid nail polish and a champagne glitter polish. Both of which look amazing. With the set, you also get a sheet of feather nail stickers, totally in sync with the swan part of the collection.

As for the other set, it is a really cute pink that reminds me of ballerina tutus and a really sheer glitter polish that might look like it contains holographic bits. I will definitely head to the store to check it out, but I don't think it is going into my shopping bag. The stickers that come with this set is crystals to bedazzle your nails. Sort of like the really beautiful tutus. 

I really like black swan. I think the movie is really good so...

The Etude House x Kerrie Hess collection also features three new glitter eyeliner that is meant to go in the inner corner of your lower lids for that bright dewy, fresh-eyed look. However, I never really gotten on the bandwagon for that look because I have seen girls who put a heck load of silver glitter on their lower lids and they just look.. weird. 
I probably wouldn't get this because light glitter isn't my thing ._.

The Dreaming Swan veiling pact is a powder pact that has 9g of product.
I am not sure if it goes on matte or has fine glitter but the packaging is adorable and the prints on the pact... don't tell me about it. 

This stole my heart. 

And with all powder/pact, you need a good brush to apply on. 
What better way than this super adorable and elegant pastel pink brush with the cutest frilly brush guard. Even if I don't end up buying the veiling pact, I might cave in and get this brush just because it looks mighty cute. 

Hey, a princess gotta have her tools.

Last but not the least, is this ballerina tutu makeup bag to store all your newly hauled loots. 
Why do you tempt me so?
This makeup bag is round and has two layers. I really am going to rush to the stores to take a look and cop a feel of how spacious it is before deciding if this is going to the want list. 

All in all, the Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan collaboration and collection didn't disappoint. I especially love the BB Cushion pact casing and will definitely get that. And maybe one of the eye x cheek powder. However, I have my doubts about the pigmentation of the product because the stock image looks pretty light so I am actually going to order a darker pink (if I am online) and head down to Etude House flagship store at Wisma Atria when they launch this collection to see if the lighter shades are as I thought. 

Do you have any wants from the Dreaming Swan collection? 


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