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#387; Essential - Your Perfect Solution to Combination Hair

Hey guys! 
Today's post is something related to hair care and possibly something that came at the perfect timing. For those who follow me on my social media platform closely, especially snapchat @amandamisaki, you would already know that my curly frizzy hair is now straightened. Aw yeah!

Reading the title of this post, you would have already known that the products I will be talking about today is sponsored by Essentials x Sample Store, however, my opinions are 100% honest and really I don't lie because I don't get commission from sales!

Gotten this stuffed in my mailbox one fine day and I was immediately super excited! I knew they were on their way to me but I didn't expect to get them this fast. People at Sample Store is tres efficient.

I did a mini unboxing over at Snapchat but here is what I have gotten from the lovely people at Essentials! In my heavy package, I gotten two set of a shampoo and conditioner each. Now, before I go into in depth details, I am a proud user of Essentials for a few years now. I used their hair serum, hair cream and even their hair masks because I thought it did wonder for me, but stopped when I had my hair permed. 

This blue set is the deep cleansing care shampoo and conditioner set and both sets are actually developed for "combination hair". While I was reading through the guide and thinking if I should accept the campaign, I was like "yeah! This is my hair?! Why didn't anyone ever developed this holy grail of a shampoo and conditioner before? And they send chimps to the moon but they can't do this..."

This set is the light finish volumizing shampoo and conditioner set. 
When I first gotten them both, I was immediately psych to try them out because I didn't believe that they would be any different from my normal shampoo. 

Just for information:
"Combination hair" is the term coined to describe oily scalp but dry ends. So moisturizing shampoo only agitate the scalp while normal shampoo may not give the ends of your hair the proper conditioning it needs. Dis is exactly my hair

For me, it is just a tad worse because moisturizing shampoo cause dandruff while my hair ends are split to perfection. The warm May and June weather also do no good for my scalp and hair. 

I tried both sets out even though I was only required to pick one to review about. Here is my honest review about the light finish volumizing shampoo and conditioner. When I first tried them out I was amazed at how good the shampoo and conditioner smelt! And a little worried because I get rashes from conditioner that smells extra good. 

But no rashes so all good. I didn't find this to be extra volumizing because I did just straighten my hair. However, I passed this to my mum to use and she like it a lot and is consistently using this. 

The one I cannot NOT rave about is the Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo and Conditioner set. This one really convince me that this is the holy grail I have been searching for. Again, this smells awesome and leaves my hair scented even through sleep and well into the next day. The conditioner does not irritate my body or scalp. 

Because my scalp is constantly oily during the warmer months, I need to wash my hair every day and I just get so lazy because I really don't want to sit in front of the hair dryer for 30 minutes to get my super thick hair dried. It doesn't help that it is thick so it probably just retains all the sweat and sebum on my scalp when I don't wash it for a day.

But with this deep cleanse shampoo, I feel like it thoroughly cleanses. I don't have to actually shampoo my hair twice or to even wash it every day :x I know I am gross but my indicator to dirty hair is itchy scalp kkzz...

The conditioner moisturizes my ends thoroughly and I don't feel the need to spam serum or after-wash products because it already feels silky smooth and a little straighter than before. I love how flowy my hair is after washing and it only takes 15 mins to dry my hair now because of some miracle magic formula in the shampoo. Like... what. 

I know you guys probably think I am hyping things up but this is serious good. 
I am repurchasing this when I am done. Not even thinking cause I am doing it. 
The only qualms I have is that it doesn't really tame frizz but that may be because I use a hair dryer to dry my hair.

Like this was taken with my phone yesterday. Yas so glam.
It really restore the shine.

I know because I did color treatment and then straighten my hair, my hair isn't in the most perfect of condition but right now I am 100% certain my hair and scalp is the healthiest it has ever been in months.

Now you are probably wondering what are those oval shaped things, pictured in the photos. They are actually the massage shampoo brush and it is meant for you to use when shampooing to thoroughly clean your scalp. I am not sure about that but I think it gives my scalp a comfortable massage that relaxes me after a long day plus it is suppose to aid in blood circulation in your scalp so you get longer and healthier hair. I will use this consistently to see if it is really true. 

The "bristles" are actually rubber and they are really soft. I have used this one now and so far so good! I like how they are so spaced out so I can get any hair that tangles around it. I also like how this is perfect for girls who just got their nails done and don't want to risk ruining the perfect manicure. I couldn't care less about mine now but I gave my mum the pink one and she is digging it!

Now listen up, the massage brush is free for a limited time period with every purchase of the Essential Banded Packs! You can choose from four different types of shampoo and conditioner sets depending on your scalp but my fav is the baby blue one. Just because it really lives up to its claims. The packs are now available for purchase at leading supermarket or if you don't like to shop there, just head to Watsons or Guardians.

The banded packs cost $19.60 and include the shampoo and conditioner in 750ml (mine is the 200ml one) and the brush is available in hot pink or mint green. So go get yours now cause while stocks last!
I also seen the Essential Facebook Page and the response for the brush is overwhelming so if you see them, you better grab a pack and head to the counter. 

If you aren't entirely convinced yet, just head to their Facebook page to redeem free samples of the Deep cleansing care shampoo and conditioner. My fav. And remember to follow them on Instagram @essentialsingapore for updates/new product launch.

Another selfie cause Good hair day isn't once a week now. It feels like it is everyday with my new holy grail shampoo. *insert sunnies smily face*


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