Monday, 25 May 2015

#388; April Round-Up

Today's post will be a short one with a little glimpse into my personal life. 
April flew by really fast for me and I kinda forget a little bit about what happened here and there but luckily, I have my handy dandy planner to keep all my memories in! :D

2 April - I sent my Pandora bracelet for cleaning. This is my first bracelet and features the normal barrel clasp. Even though I have a number of charms, I am actually wearing them on my second bracelet so I couldn't bear to take them off and get them cleaned. It took two weeks for the cleaning to be done and when I got it back it was cleaned but doesn't look as shiny as new. 

Anyway, Pandora has since charged exorbitant fees to get it clean. So I will definitely just stay home and clean this on my own with soap and water. 

Went to JB with my family on 3rd April to get my hair straighten! So yas, I bid farewell to my curly mess of hair! It is so much easier to maintain and I love my hair right now. With my curly hair, I didn't know how to maintain it and I can't comb through my hair properly.

Had dinner with the family before starting school and we decided to try this quaint cafe at Holland V. The pure blonde beer was pretty good. The menu is so quirky and vintage and the atmosphere was really relaxing. Go during the happy hours so you can enjoy a drink or two, if you are the kind to drink.

The food is also super good and worth a second visit. I had the pasta while the chicken belong to mummy. Dad ate a hamburger, no photos because we were that hungry.

6 April - The first day of the new semester. I only have three more semester to go before I graduate and thinking of  graduation makes me feel a little nervous but relieved that I will finally get to put my knowledge to good use. First week of school was really tiring because my body clock had a hard time adjusting. 

13 April - Went to take a BB Cushion to test. Apparently, I am only doing it because I really wanted the $30 taka vouchers that they are giving as a reward. But the BB cushion is surprisingly promising and I can't wait for it to be launched in the market for good. I fell sick on that week. And spent Thursday night sniveling and bathe in cold sweat. Felt really bad but it is all because of Chubby Cheeks' fault. Like he was the one with the flu and cough. 

26 April - Felt better that weekend after my flu and I had ramen with mumsy and sister at Vivo city. 

Dad brought back this tall tower of absolutely divine chocolate for the family and I love love love it. Satisfy my chocolate craving for that time of the month. 

All in all, it was a really fast month because I was busy studying and because my camera died and I had to give it to dad for him to fix.

I didn't reallly have any new post in the month of April and I didn't get to do any flatlays. 

The only nice photo I took is...

This! Taken using my iPad. I posted this on my Instagram too!

Alright! That's all for today's April round up. I told you it would be short and sweet! :>
May would be slightly longer so I am trying to gather the photos in preparation. I am also currently doing my assignments and the papers are due this and next week so I am a little stressed! 
However, many good things happen this month and I hope next month would bring me more surprises~ 

I got many more posts for the rest of May and June so do stay tuned! *winks*


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