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#391; Advertorial - ShawlsnPatches Colourpop Summer Haul

Hello lovelies!
I'm back in between studying for examinations and rushing to meet assignment datelines. This time round, I will be reviewing more Colourpop goodies from the most reliable seller I've shopped with. Bear in mind, the last few Colourpop goodies I reviewed, were from my own pocket money and even though this may be a sponsored advertorial and review, it does not change my opinion of the seller or the products. If I think it ain't good, I will say it ain't good. 

But if I say it is good, you better take my word for it. 

I was sponsored two Colourpop Super Shock Shadows of my pick and two lippie stix and this is what I have picked up from the huge range of instocks from ShawlsnPatches. They also carry the new collections from Colourpop summer edition as instock! OMG. 

Anyhoo, I digress. 
I gotten the shade Cornelious from Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Quad and Krinkle. I wanted to try something new and thus, I decided to go all out by choosing a new color to try, other than my plain browns. 

When I first received them, I thought they were pretty cool toned. 
Both gave me the impression that I need to layer this on pretty heavy on my very pigmented eyelids, in order for the color to show. 

When I first swatched both shades, I wasn't disappointed. 
The Colourpop Super Shock Shadows has a consistent formula. They are almost creamy and easy to build pigmentation with just one swipe.

Cornelious needed two swipes to get to a beautiful creme brulee-ish brown. A very soft taupe brown that will look good on everyone and the most essential brown shade you need to at least own from the range of browns.

Krinkle needed three swipes to get to its true color as in the pan. Krinkle is a ultra shimmery and glittery blue with one swipe. And with three, it has an almost metallic grey/blue look to it. Tres pretty. The glitters are pretty fine and there is a lot of it. Like a lot. 

The two lippie stix I picked out from ShawlsnPatches instocks!
When I say instocks, I really mean that they have a lot of instocks. In almost all the shades that you could ever want to own from Colourpop itself.

I picked out LBB and I Heart This. 
Both are matte shades even though I keep telling myself to try some other Colourpop finishes, I just couldn't. Because all the pretty shades are matte shades and I love the matte formulas that Colourpop has! *insert crying face*

Swatches as labelled. 
Can I say that they look super close to what is pictured in the tube?

I (Heart) This is a pretty magenta pink that is in your face but doesn't look too overly neon. It is a beautiful shade that you will want to wear everyday of the summer. It is a very fresh pink that you can pull off for a day look. 

LBB is a collaboration between Colourpop and Little Black Boots, hence the name. It is a beautiful Bordeaux wine, plum color. I know it was all the rage when purple lipstick was in last November. But I didn't dare try anything fancy until I met LBB. To me, LBB looks like a pretty orchid color and I think it is a purple-wine red that I can definitely pull off. This is perfect for a sultry night out look or a more wintry ice queen look. A definite keeper for both summer and slightly wintry seasons. 

I decided to create two looks using one of each of the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows x Lippie Stix. 
This is the day look and it is a very refreshing look that makes you appear more alert. I used Cornelious all over my lids and Urban Decay Buck for the crease.

P.S; Cornelious looks absolutely amazing in the crease as well if you pack it in. Very dimensional feel because of the color payoff!

And I (Heart) This because it is such a beautiful magenta that I can wear throughout the day and night. This is very pigmented and covers my lips with one swipe. They also last throughout meals and water, although you need to touch up. This leaves a slight pink stain after it fades, although the fading isn't very uniform.

The scent? Yas, still smells like good 'ol vanilla! Love it. 

A more accurate representation of my day makeup. 
I love this look so much that I wore this for a week straight and I never did like soft muted browns on my lids because I thought it look boring. So it says a lot about Cornelious as a shade. 

At first, I thought it was pretty dupe-able, especially since I have both Naked 1 and 3 palette. However, this is a unique shade of brown that I can't manage to find in my palettes although some shades come pretty close. 

As for I (Heart) This, the name says it all. 
The lippie stix color makes my complexion fairer and my teeth look whiter. It really pulls the whole day look together and there is a dash of colour to make you look fresher and more approachable. Definitely recommended!

I find that I do not need a lippie pencil for this as it did not bleed although I have to be careful when I apply it on at first.

My next look is a more "ladies night out" look. 
When I first gotten krinkle, I was a tad bit disappointed that it needed so much swipes to build up intensity. And it didn't look as wearable as I'd like it to be. 

But I tried again and again and today I managed to perfect a look that screams "holler if you want me". Using krinkle all over the lids by packing it on. I also used Urban Decay Naked palette 1 Gunmetal (a deeper blue grey) in the crease. The result is a stunning layered smoky look that I would love to wear out one day.

Who says a smoky eye look needs to be black? This is my first time using shades other than browns and pinks. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this look and I think I love it! A pity I don't actually club at all. So I guess I will reserve this for dinners/proms?

Now my thoughts about wearing Krinkle:
I need to layer this on to build pigmentation. Without building it up, it is a sheer mess of glitter that makes your lid looks really tired and droopy. The glitters are really fine but is prone to fall outs. Like a lot of fall outs, even above primer. Recommended if you like the glitter face look, but I prefer to keep my face matte. This is one of the shades that disappointed in terms of fall out but looks amazing once pigmented and layered on other deeper shades for contrast. 

LBB is true to its swatches on my hands. It is a purple wine that I could grow to love. But I think I should get a lippie pencil for this because application can get a tad messy as pictured above. It leaves a lovely stain after it fades and last as long as other lippie stix. I haven't had a chance to actually wear this out because I thought this shade belong to the "all night long"/"sweater weather".

The whole look put together is a very bold look that I don't normally wear but could grow to love. In fact, I loved this look so much, I snapchatted it and even took a lot of selfies. Lulz. 
The LBB is a shade that exudes confidence and sultriness and the formula is great, as expected from Lippie Stix. However, if you don't get a lip liner, be prepared for some bleeding to occur! 

All in all, I love everything I have gotten. These shades and colours can be bought from Shawlsnpatches on Instagram and through Carousell
The Lippie Stix retails for SGD$12 inclusive of normal postage while the Colourpop Super Shock shadows cost SGD$13 inclusive of normal postage. 


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